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    1/2" Digital Flow Switch for Air

    Factory price digital air flow switch for sale, 1/2 inch thread port size, with digital display for real time monitoring, ±2% accuracy, measuring air and Nitrogen (N2), fluid temperature 0~50℃. This air flow switch comes with high sensitive sensor, which is designed for flow sensing to transmit data to the mainboard.
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    Lightweight air flow switch with digital display can monitor data in real time. It is designed with water sensor to transmit data to the mainboard.


    Model ATO-NPF2A711-03
    Port Size Rc (PT) 1/2 inch
    Measured Fluid Air, Nitrogen (N2)
    Rated Flow Range 50~500L/min
    Minimum Set Unit 5L/min
    Accumulated Pulse Flow Rate Exchange Value
    (Pulse Width: 50 ms)
    Display Units Instantaneous Flow Rate L/min, CFMx10-1
    Accumulated flow L, ft3 x10-1
    Operating Pressure Range -50KPa~0.75KPa
    Operating Fluid Temperature 0~50℃
    Power Supply Voltage DC12~24V±10%
    Current Consumption 170mA or less
    Accumulated Flow Range 0~999999L
    Detection Type Heater type
    Accuracy ±5% F.S.
    Repeatability ±2% F.S.
    Temperature Characteristics ±3% F.S. (15 to 35°C, 25°C reference), ±5% F.S. (0 to 50°C, 25°C reference)
    Output Switch Output NPN open collector maximum load current: 80 mA
    Internal voltage drop: 1 V or less.
    Maximum applied voltage: 30 V, 2 outputs
    Accumulated Pulse Output NPN or PNP open collector (same as switch output)
    Hysteresis Hysteresis mode: Variable (can be set from 0)
    Window comparator mode: 3-digit fixed
    Response Time Lights up when output is turned ON
    OUT1: Green
    OUT2: Red
    Status LED’s 1 sec. or less
    Environment Enclosure IP65
    Operating Temperature Range Operating: 0 to 50°C
    Stored: –25 to 85°C (with no freezing and condensation)
    Withstand Voltage 1000 VAC for 1 minute between terminals and housing
    Insulation Resistance 50 mΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
    Noise Resistance 1000V P-P Pulse width 1μs, duration 1 ns
    Wire Size M12 connector (3m)
    Weight 1kg

    Flow Rate Diagram

    Voltage Output: A: 1V, B: 5V
    Current Output: A: 4mA, B: 20mA

    Flow rate diagram of digital flow switch

    Pin Number & Wire Color

    Wire color of digital flow switch

    Pin Number Content Wire Color
    1 DC (+) Brown
    2 OUT2 White
    3 DC (-) Blue
    4 OUT1 Black

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of digital flow switch

    Tips for installing air flow switch

    • The flow switch needs to be installed on the straight section of the pipe or air duct
    • It is necessary to ensure that there are long enough straight pipes before and after the installation position of the flow switch. The length of the normal straight pipe should be greater than 10 times the diameter of the pipe.
    • Avoid installing or wiring flow switches near elbows, other fittings, valves, drains, narrow or wide pipe sections, and any other features that may cause significant fluctuations in flow through the area.
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