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    High Precision Digital Pressure Switch, Rc1/ 8

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    Lower cost digital pressure switch with takeover diameter Rc 1/ 8, high precision digital pressure switch has optional pressure range 0.0~101.0kPa/ -100.0~100.0kPa/ -100.0~1.000MPa, NPN or PNP open collector 1 output, NPN or PNP open collector 2 outputs can be chosen. High accuracy pressure switch has advantaged of simple operation, anti-vibration, high control accuracy and long service life.
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    Factory price digital air pressure switch featuring withstand pressure 500kPa- 1.5MPa, ±1% F.S. high acuuracy. The pressure switch is widely used in factory automation, chemical textile industry, medical equipment, chemical industry and other fields.


    • Numbers are displayed in 2 colors.
    • Space-saving installation.
    • Digital pressure switch can be copied to 10 pressure switches at the same time.


    Model NZSE30A NZSE30AF NISE30A
    Rated pressure range 0.0~101.0kPa -100.0~100.0kPa -100.0~1.000MPa
    Display/ Set pressure range 10.0~105.0kPa -105.0~105.0kPa -105.0~1.050MPa
    Withstand pressure 500kPa 500kPa 1.5MPa
    Display/ Minimum unit setting 0.1kPa 0.1kPa 0.001MPa
    Switch output Output types NPN or PNP open collector 1 output, NPN or PNP open collector 2 outputs
    Maximum load current 80mA
    Maximum applied voltage 28 V (at NPN output)
    Residual voltage 1 V or less (with load current of 80 mA)
    Response time 2.5 ms or less (with anti-chattering function: 20, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 ms)
    Short circuit protection Yes
    Hysteresis Hysteresis mode Variable (0 or above)
    Window comparator mode
    Analog output Voltage output Output voltage (Rated pressure range) 1~5V ± 2.5% F.S. 1~5V ± 2.5% F.S.
    Linearity ±1% F.S.
    Output impedence Approx. 1kΩ
    Current output Output voltage 4~20mA±2.5% F.S 2.4~20mA±2.5% F.S.
    Linearity ±1% F.S.
    Load impedance Maximum load impedance: Power supply voltage 12V: 300Ω, Power supply voltage 24V: 600Ω
    Minimum load impedance: 50Ω
    Environment Enclosure IP40
    Operating temperature range Operating: –5 to 50°C, Stored: –10 to 60°C (No freezing or condensation)
    Operating humidity range Operating and stored: 35 to 85% RH (No condensation)
    Withstand voltage AC1000V for 1 minute between terminals and housing
    Insulation resisitance 50MΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
    Fluid Air, Non-corrosive gas, Non-flammable gas
    Takeover diameter  Rc1/ 8 
    Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC ±10%, Ripple (p-p) 10% or less (With power supply polarity protection)
    Current consumption 40 mA or less
    Repeatability ±0.2% F.S.±1 digit
    Display 4-digit, 7-segment, 2-color LCD (Red/Green)
    Display accurancy ±2% F.S. ±1 digit (at 25°C ±3°C ambient temperature)
    Indicator light Lights up when output is turned ON. OUT1: Green; OUT2: Red
    Lead wire with connector ±2% F.S. (at 25°C in an operating range of -5 to 50°C)
    Temperature characteristics ±2% F.S. (25°C reference)
    Lead wire Oilproof heavy-duty vinyl cable, 3 cores ø3.5, 2 m
    4 cores; Conductor area: 0.15 mm2 (AWG26); Insulator O.D.: 1.0 mm
    Standards CE, UL/ CSA, RoHS

    Internal Circuits and Wiring

    Digital pressure switch wiring diagram of NPN 1 outputDigital pressure switch wiring diagram of PNP 1output

    Digital pressure switch wiring diagram of NPN 2 outputDigital pressure switch wiring diagram of PNP 2 output

    Dimension (mm)

    Digital pressure switch dimension


    High Precision Digital Pressure Switch Details

    Tips: Digital Pressure Switch Working Principle.

    The digital pressure switch is mainly used to detect the pressure of the relevant detection part. It works by sensing the pressure of the external environment through built-in sensors. When the external pressure value exceeds or falls below the safety critical point, the sensor membrane changes, and then a control signal is sent to guide the switch to change. Therefore, when the ambient pressure returns to normal and critical, the inner membrane of the sensor will move to the original position, making the switch reset automatically, and then detect the medium pressure signal through the special CPU modular signal processing technology.

    Existing reviews of High Precision Digital Pressure Switch, Rc1/ 8
    Pretty Impressed Digital Pressure Switch
    Our old house in the country had always used an analog pressure gauge. My parents were too old to see the reading gauge, so we planned to replace it with an electronic pressure switch during this renovation. It feels like a quality well-made switch and being able to dial in the exact pressures without dealing with the spring-type switch is a huge convenience.
    From: Soberanis | Date: 27/05/2024
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