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    750W Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, 16000 rpm

    SKU: ATO-RC-750
    Low price high-speed refrigerated centrifuge with 750W DC brushless motor, speed up to 16000rpm. The cooling centrifuge machine has a powerful cooling system to maintain precise temperature control, thus achieving efficient and reliable sample separation.

    800W Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, 18500 rpm

    SKU: ATO-RC-800
    Laboratory refrigerated centrifuge with 5" LCD touch screen for precise control of speed, time and relative centrifugal force. 800W high speed refrigerated centrifuge machine speed up to 18,500rm, a variety of rotor can be selected. This versatile blood bank refrigerated centrifuge is suitable for a variety of applications, including molecular biology, cell culture and clinical research.

    850W Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, 20500 rpm

    SKU: ATO-RC-850
    Buy a high performance refrigerated centrifuge machine for the lab online. 850W refrigerated centrifuge has a large capacity and high speed performance to handle larger sample volumes and increase throughput. 20500 rpm refrigerated centrifuge machine is ideal for research institutions, biotechnology companies and academic institutions.

    Multifunctional refrigerated centrifuges are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern laboratories and are a valuable asset in any scientific research or clinical environment. The refrigerated centrifuge is equipped with a variety of rotors to accommodate a wide range of tube sizes and volumes, allowing for efficient processing of a wide range of sample formats. ATO refrigerated centrifuge's advanced refrigeration system ensures reliable temperature control, making it suitable for applications such as blood banking, pharmaceutical research and microbiology studies.