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    Digital Hydrometer for Specific Gravity/Salinity

    SKU: ATO-WQT-3171
    Digital hydrometer for sale, it is an electronic hydrometer for measurement of liquid density, specific gravity and salinity. Specific Gravity range can select 1.000~1.071 or 1.000~1.045. Measurable salinity range 0~100 PPT or 0~55 PPT. Hydrometers price are affordable, widely used in industrial or civil production such as aquarium, alcohol, wine or beer brewing.

    Salinometer/TDS Meter, 0~10000PPM, Salinity 0.01%~25%

    SKU: ATO-WQT-1116
    Salinometer/TDS meter for sale, suitable for water quality, salinity, TDS (PPM), and temperature measurement. Salinity measurement range can select 0.01% ~5%, 0.01% ~10, 0.01% ~15% or 0.01% ~25%. TDS measurement range can reach 0~10000PPM.