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    Multifunction Water Quality Tester, PH/DO/Nitrite/Ammonia Nitrogen

    Digital water quality detector is very suitable for water quality testing in water plant breeding. It is a multifunctional water quality tester that can quickly detect pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and temperature in the water.
    SKU: ATO-WQT-AE86061
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    Low price multifunction water quality tester comes with high-precision optical graduation sensor, large high-definition screen, external dissolved oxygen probe, and can store 99 sets of data, digital water quality detector, specially designed to measure pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), nitrite, ammonia nitrogen and temperature in water.


    • Model: ATO-AE86061
    • Saturated Oxygen Correction: Calibration for 100% Saturated Oxygen in Air (Dissolved Oxygen)
    • Temperature Measurement Range: 0.0~50℃ (Requires Dissolved Oxygen Probe)
    • Temperature Resolution:  0.1℃
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℃
    • Working Environment: 0~50℃; 0~80%RH
    • Storage Environment: 0~60℃; 0~90%RH
    • Temperature Unit Switching: ℃/℉Switch
    • Record Data: Manually Record 99 Entries
    • Salinity Compensation: 0~42ppt
    • Altitude Compensation: 0~3500m
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Automatic Shut-Down: 1h of No Operation
    • LCD Size: 27x45mm
    • Probe Wire Length: About 3.5m (Dissolved Oxygen Probe)
    • Powered By: AAA*4pcs
    • Product Size: 70x30x 169mm

    Packing List: Host, DO Probe, Ammonia Nitrogen Reagent*2, Membrane Sleeve*1 Pack, Nitrite Powder, PH Reagent, Measuring Bottle, Measuring Cup, Filter*2, Cotton Swab, Instruction Manual, Certificate and Suitcase.

    Measuring Range

    Test Items Measuring Range Measurement Accuracy Resolution
    PH 3.5~11.0 ±0.2 0.1
    DO 0.0~30mg/L ±3.0% Full Scale 0.1mg/L
    Nitrite 0.0~1.00mg/L ±5% or 0.01mg/L 0.01mg/L
    Ammonia Nitrogen 0.0~8.00mg/L ±5% or 0.01mg/L 0.01mg/L


    Water quality meter details


    Dissolved oxygen meter applications

    Tips: What can a multifunction water quality tester do?

    ATO multifunction water quality tester is a versatile instrument designed to assess various parameters in water to ensure its quality. One of its primary functions is pH testing, which measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water. This is crucial in determining the water's suitability for different purposes, such as aquatic habitats or industrial processes.

    Additionally, the water quality tester can measure Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels, which is essential for evaluating the water's capacity to support aquatic life. Adequate DO is crucial for the survival of fish and other organisms in water bodies.

    Furthermore, the device can assess Nitrite levels, a parameter vital in monitoring water quality. Elevated nitrite concentrations can indicate pollution or other environmental concerns, impacting the health of aquatic ecosystems.

    Another important measurement is Ammonia Nitrogen testing, which helps identify the presence of ammonia compounds in water. Elevated ammonia levels can be harmful to aquatic life and are often linked to pollution from agricultural runoff or wastewater discharge.

    In summary, a multifunction water quality tester plays a crucial role in assessing the overall health of water bodies by measuring pH, DO, Nitrite, and Ammonia Nitrogen levels. These comprehensive capabilities make it an invaluable tool for environmental monitoring, water management, and ensuring the well-being of aquatic ecosystems.

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