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    Salinometer/TDS Meter, 0~10000PPM, Salinity 0.01%~25%

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    Salinometer/TDS meter for sale, suitable for water quality, salinity, TDS (PPM), and temperature measurement. Salinity measurement range can select 0.01% ~5%, 0.01% ~10, 0.01% ~15% or 0.01% ~25%. TDS measurement range can reach 0~10000PPM.
    SKU: ATO-WQT-1116
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    • High resolution, high measurement precision and speed.
    • High brightness backlight and high-definition digital display, easy for reading.
    • Integrated design, compact structure, easy to carry and long service life.

    Application: Salinity testing and TDS PPM testing in industries such as water treatment, drinking water production, salt production, food production, and beverage production.


    Model ATO-WQT-BM
    Salinity Test Test Range (optional) 0.01%~5.00%, 0.01%~10.00%, 0.01%~26.00%
    Test Methods Automatic test   
    Test Temperature Range 1℃~90℃ (salinity<15%), <50℃ (salinity>15%)
    The Decomposition 0~4.99%: 0.01%
    5~10%: 0.05%
    10~15%: 0.1%
    15~25%: 0.5%
    Precision 0.01~1.99% (±0.1%)
    2.00~5.00% (±0.2%)
    5~10% (±0.5%)
    10~15% (±1%)
    15~25% (±2%)
    TDS Test Test Range 0~10000PPM
    Test Precision 2% F.S    
    Test Method Automatic    
    Test Temperature Range 0~80℃
    Test Result Few 0~50
    Little 50~100
    A Little 101~300
    More 601~1000
    Unqualified >1000
    Test Principle Method for determination of electrical conductivity
    Test Environment 5℃~60℃, Test material maximum temperature<90℃
    Power Saving Function 60 seconds after the automatic shutdown
    Temperature Compensation A.T.C
    Display Area LCD (Backlight)
    Complete Function PPM value<500PPM, the direct display of TDS PPM value.
    PPM value>500PPM, showing the value of salinity %. Twice consecutive button to display the results of TDS PPM.
    Beep prompt tone: began to ring 1 times, the end of the ring 2 times.
    Backlight: 5 seconds after the test shows.
    Replace Battery Alert LOW icon flashing
    Power Supply 1.5V*2EA (AAA type battery)
    Waterproof Grade Life waterproof
    Implementation Standards Q/YM003-2015
    Certification CE
    Weigh 0.5kg

    Salinometer/TDS Meter Structure Diagram

    Salinometer/TDS Meter Structure Diagram

    Salinometer/TDS Meter Usage Method

    Salinometer/TDS Meter Usage Method

    Salinometer/TDS Meter Usage Method


    Salinometer/TDS Meter Measurement Precautions

    • Note when testing
    1. As the sensing part and bottom and side wall spacing of 1~2cm, soaking only half the bubble column. Do not touch the residue in the liquid.
    2. When there is a residue or liquid shortage, tilt the container test.
    3. The sensing section can also be tested at the bottom.
    4. The induction part should not touch the side wall.
    • Test fluid to be fully loaded into the test box can be accurate test
    • Other matters needing attention
    1. The actual of the actual Na of the test components of the test ingredients will be different.
    2. There are also differences in the testing of the residue of the liquid.
    3. There will be a difference in the oil content of the food.

    Tips: what is a TDS meter?

    TDS is initials for Total dissolved solids. It shows how much dissolved solids are dissolved in 1 liters of water. Units for the mg/L or PPM. TDS includes non-volatile soluble salts, organic compounds and can be passed insoluble particles of the filter, etc. The higher the TDS value, the more lysate is contained in the water. TDS meter is a tester designed for this purpose and shows the ppm value of inorganic or organic matter in water. It is also known as PPM meter, TDS water tester, water TDS meter, etc.

    Existing reviews of Salinometer/TDS Meter, 0~10000PPM, Salinity 0.01%~25%
    High quality TDS meter
    I use this TDS meter to measure the quality of drinking water. It is easy to use, allows me to know whether the water used meets our drinking standards, and guarantees the safety of drinking water.
    From: Gleason | Date: 05/11/2021
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