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    Portable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter for Water

    Buy a quality digital dissolved oxygen (DO) tester for water. The portable dissolved oxygen meter is equipped with a 3.5m high-precision dissolved oxygen probe, 0.0~30.0 mg/L measurement range, altitude compensation (0~3500m), temperature compensation (0~50°C) and reading compensation (0~42ppt), sensitive and fast response, and can accurately measure DO in fresh water and seawater.
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    Low price portable dissolved oxygen meter is suitable for measuring DO in fresh water and seawater within the range of 0.0~30.0 mg/L. This digital DO tester is available with a 3.5m high-precision dissolved oxygen probe, altitude compensation (0~3500m), temperature compensation (0~50°C), and reading compensation (0~42ppt).


    • Model: ATO-AE8403
    • DO Measurement Range: 0.0~30.0 mg/L, 0~199.9%
    • DO Resolution: 0.1 mg/L
    • DO Accuracy: ±3.0% of Full Scale
    • DO Correction: 100% Saturated Dissolved Oxygen Correction in Air
    • Temperature Measurement Range: -5~60.0°C
    • Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C
    • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5°C
    • Working Environment: 0~50°C; 0~ 80%RH
    • Storage Environment: 0~ 60°C; 0~90%RH
    • Temperature Unit Switching: °C/°F Switch
    • Record Data: Manually Record 99 Entries
    • Salinity Compensation: 0~42ppt
    • Altitude Compensation: 0~3500m
    • Automatic Temperature Compensation: Supported
    • Automatic Shut-Down: After 1 hour of No Operation
    • LCD Size: 41x50mm
    • Backlight: Supported
    • Probe Wire Length: About 3.5m (with Probe)
    • Powered By: AAA*4pcs
    • Product Size: 65x28x165mm


    Dissolved oxygen meter details


    Dissolved oxygen meter applications

    Tips: What is a dissolved oxygen meter?

    A dissolved oxygen meter is a scientific instrument designed to measure the concentration of dissolved oxygen in a liquid, typically water. It plays a crucial role in assessing the health and quality of aquatic environments, including lakes, rivers, oceans, and wastewater treatment systems.

    The meter operates on the principle of electrochemical reactions, utilizing a sensor or probe that interacts with oxygen molecules in the water. Commonly, the sensor employs a membrane permeable to oxygen, allowing it to react with an electrolyte solution inside the probe. This reaction generates an electric current proportional to the amount of dissolved oxygen present.

    Dissolved oxygen levels are critical for the survival of aquatic organisms, as oxygen is essential for various biochemical processes, such as respiration. Monitoring these levels helps scientists, environmentalists, and water quality professionals understand the overall health of an ecosystem. Unhealthy or low levels of dissolved oxygen can indicate pollution, eutrophication (excessive nutrient enrichment), or other environmental stressors.

    These meters are widely used in environmental monitoring, aquaculture, and water treatment processes to ensure optimal conditions for aquatic life and human activities dependent on water resources. They provide valuable data for making informed decisions regarding environmental conservation and sustainable resource management.

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