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    Waterproof Wireless Dynamometer 5 ton/ 10 ton/ 20 ton to 200 ton

    SKU: ATO-GWD500
    Waterproof wireless dynamometer capacity from 5 ton/10 ton/ 20 ton 30 ton to 200 ton, equipped with waterproof design IP66, shackle 5 ton, works at -10℃~40℃. Hand grip dynamometer of high precision with safety factor up to 4 times, radio frequency 433MHz and wireless distance 100 meters. Equipped with product software for safety alarm and weight control compact structure. Hand grip dynamometer provides common SI units kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (lb), newton (N), kilo newton (kN).

    Wireless Dynamometer with Shackle 1 ton/ 2 ton/ 3 ton to 200 ton

    SKU: ATO-GWD400
    Wireless dynamometer with shackle with infrared remote control, capacity from 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton to 200 ton. Optional common SI units: kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (lb), newton (N), kilo newton (KN) and 1 inch high LCD digital display. High measurement accuracy to 0.1% of maximum capacity and low power design with 3 standard "AA" alkaline batteries for long hours of operation. Rugged construction with novel one-piece sensor design.