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    Wireless Dynamometer with Shackle 1 ton/ 2 ton/ 3 ton to 200 ton

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    Wireless dynamometer with shackle with infrared remote control, capacity from 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton to 200 ton. Optional common SI units: kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (lb), newton (N), kilo newton (KN) and 1 inch high LCD digital display. High measurement accuracy to 0.1% of maximum capacity and low power design with 3 standard "AA" alkaline batteries for long hours of operation. Rugged construction with novel one-piece sensor design.
    SKU: ATO-GWD400
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    Wireless dynamometer with shackle capacity from 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton to 200 ton, infrared remote control enables parameter setting and instrument calibration. Common SI units can be selected: kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (lb), newton (N), kilo newton (KN). High measurement accuracy down to 0.1% of maximum capacity.


    Model ATO-GWD400-1 ATO-GWD400-2 ATO-GWD400-3 ATO-GWD400-5 ATO-GWD400-10 ATO-GWD400-20 ATO-GWD400-30 ATO-GWD400-50 ATO-GWD400-100 ATO-GWD400-200
    Capacity 1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton 10 ton 20 ton 30 ton 50 ton 100 ton 200 ton
    Division value 0.5kg 1kg 1 kg 2kg 5kg 10kg 10kg 20kg 50kg 100kg
    Material Aluminum/ alloy steel
    Weight 25 (kg)
    Measurement accuracy 0.1% F.S.
    Display 1 inch high LCD digital display
    Power supply 3 standard "AA" alkaline batteries
    Units Optional kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (lb), newton (N), kilo newton (KN)
    Remote control Infrared remote control
    Indicator display area 4 buttons: "On/Off", "Zero Setting", "Peak Hold", "Unit Switching"


    shackle wireless dynamometer dimension

    Wireless dynamometer with shackle size

    Capacity (kg) Division value A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) φ (mm) H (mm)
    1 ton 0.5kg 245 112 37 190 43 335
    2 ton 1kg 260 123 37 195 51 365
    3 ton 1kg 260 123 37 195 51 365
    5 ton 2kg 285 123 57 210 58 405
    10 ton 5kg 320 120 57 230 92 535
    20 ton 10kg 375 128 74 260 127 660
    30 ton 10kg 420 138 82 280 146 740
    50 ton 20kg 465 150 104 305 184 930
    100 ton 50kg 570 190 132 366 229 1230
    200 ton 100kg 720 265 183 440 280 1362


    1. Digital dynamometer with rugged construction with novel one-piece sensor design. The dyno machine measurement accuracy reaches 0.1% of the maximum capacity.
    2. All functions and units are clearly displayed on the LCD with white backlight. Dyno machine provides 1 inch high LCD digital display for easy viewing from a distance.
    3. Two programmable set points allow the user to set safe warning limits.
    4. Electric dynamometer with low power consumption design guarantees 3 standard "AA" alkaline batteries to work for more than 40 hours.
    5. Common SI units are provided for easy application: kilogram (kg), ton (t), pound (Ib), newton (N), kilo newton (KN). Infrared remote control makes parameter setting and instrument calibration convenient and easy to manage.
    6. The dyno machine infrared remote control provides a variety of operation functions: "zero", "tare", "peak hold", "accumulation", "accumulation query", "accumulation clear", "unit switching", "voltage query", and "shutdown ".
    7. The hand held dynamometer itself provides 4 buttons: "On/Off", "Zero", "Peak Hold", and "Unit Switch".

    Tips: What is dynamometer working principle?

    1. The main part of the dynamometer is the spring, which is made according to the principle of Hooke's law: F=KX, that is, the elastic force generated by the spring is proportional to its deformation (elongation or shortening). Because of the proportional relationship, the scale of the dynamometer is uniform.
    2. Suspend the object to be measured from the dynamometer so that it is at rest. At this time, the gravity on the object and the pulling force of the dynamometer on the object are balanced and equal in magnitude.
    3. The reading of the spring dynamometer represents the magnitude of the spring tension. Then the value is equal to the gravity of the measured object.
    Existing reviews of Wireless Dynamometer with Shackle 1 ton/ 2 ton/ 3 ton to 200 ton
    We have two DYN 200 dynamometers
    They are showing errors. One is showing error4. And the other error:E10.

    Do you know what these mean, and how we could correct them?
    From: Kristen | Date: 17/10/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Please provide us with the order number to further confirm what product you purchased. We hope to provide you with better service.
    We need to know the exact model and parameters of the product you purchased in order to give you the correct advice, thank you for your understanding.
    You can also send pictures and nameplates of the products to us for further confirmation.

    2. Error 4 and Error 10 occur, both of which are hardware problems. Please power off for 10 minutes and then power on again, and then press k2 5 times continuously to restore factory settings.
    Note: There should be No vibration at the site, do Not knock the sensor, and the sensor wiring can not be connected incorrectly.

    3. If it still does Not work, it needs to be returned to the factory for repair.
    Excellent wireless dynamometer
    Very well made. The 1 ton wireless dynamometer with nice size illuminated screen  and overall great product to have at the farm. High accuracy that division value up to 0.5 kg.  Easy to assemble and accurate. I am pleased with the order.
    From: wisdom | Date: 12/02/2023
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