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    4-20mA PWM Signal Generator

    SKU: ATO-SG-003A
    Digital 4-20mA signal generator is equipped with a large-capacity 3000mAh lithium battery, Type-C interface (5V), adjustable button backlight high-definition TFT color LCD screen and multiple signal generator functions. This multifunction PWM signal generator is mainly used for debugging industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, and electric valves.

    Digital 4-20 milliamp Signal Generator

    SKU: ATO-SG-004A
    Cheap 4 20 milliamp signal generator for sale online, available with 3000mAh lithium battery, TYPE-C interface, adjustable button backlight high-definition TFT color LCD screen. The digital signal generator can provide mA input & output, voltage input, rotating-speed test, voltage output, resistive output, millivolt output, and programming test function, easy to use and carry.

    Digital Waveform Signal Generator, 0.1Hz~2MHz

    Affordable price digital waveform signal generator for sale, with a generating frequency range from 0.1Hz to 2MHz, available in AC input voltage 220V and 110V, output waveform of square wave or sine wave. This digital signal generator is a versatile electronic device used to produce various digital waveforms for testing, troubleshooting, and development purposes in electronics.

    Handheld Precision Multifunction Calibrator, Output Signal Source

    This handheld multifunction calibrator is a high precision signal source/generator, designed to output variety of signals including DC voltage, DC current, resistance, RTD, thermocouple, pulse frequency, and power distribution, ideal tool for calibrating and troubleshooting detectors.

    Handheld Voltage Current Thermocouple Calibrator, Output Signal Source

    This handheld calibration tool is a voltage, current and thermocouple signal source/generator, able to output and measure 0-30V, 0-24mV, and 0-100mV voltage signal, 0-24mA and 4-20mA current signal and K, E, J, T, R, B, S, N type thermocouple, easy to use and high accuracy, helpful for testing and calibration in the industry field.