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    10A 12V 120W Variable Linear DC Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-DCPS1210
    Purchase high efficiency 0 to 10A, 0 to 12V variable linear DC power supply online at a favorable price. This is a switching mode with 120W DC output. Output voltage and current are continuously adjustable at nominal value, with constant voltage (CV) / constant current (CC) output precision. This adjustable and regulated linear DC power provides a stable power source for diverse applications.

    100A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 12V/24V/36V

    SKU: ATO-HI-100
    IGBT module air cooling plating rectifier with 100A continuously adjustable current, 50Hz/60Hz three phase 380V/ 480V AC input voltage, 12V/ 24V/ 36V DC output voltage for optional (input/ output voltages can be customized), with the remote control box controls the operating voltage and current, high efficiency and high control precision.

    24V to12V Waterproof PoE Splitter Adapter

    The 24V to 12V PoE splitter adapter is designed with a waterproof interface, wide input voltage of 24V, stable output voltage and isolated input voltage fluctuations to prevent burnout of the camera. Outdoor waterproof PoE splitter adapter transmission rate 10/100Mbps, monitoring smoothly without lag, to provide users with excellent performance and reliability.

    2A 30V 60W Variable DC Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-DCPS-02
    High precision DC power supply is 4 digit LED display, 60W power, with variable output voltage range 0-30V DC, output current range 0-2A, input voltage is 110V or 220V AC. It can continuous output at full load and the output voltage and current are continuously adjustable within the standard range.

    30W Gigabit PoE Injector Adapter, RJ-45

    SKU: ATO-POE-30W
    This Gigabit PoE+ injector provides 30W of power for PoE devices. PoE Gigabit injector is designed with cutting-edge technology for seamless power transmission over Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for additional power cables or sockets. PoE+injector adapter supply features a wall-mounted design that can be adapted to most installation scenarios.

    3A 30V 90W Variable Linear DC Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-DCPS303
    Favorable price variable linear DC power supply uses a large transformer to drop the voltage from AC to DC, with selectable 110V/220V±10% AC input, 3 digit LED display, 90W power, adjustable current 0 to 3 amp, voltage 0 to 30 volt. Using a variable DC power supply allows digital or analog control of the power supply output by a control system.

    48V 0.5A Non PoE Injector, 10/100Mbps

    SKU: ATO-POE-4805L
    The hot-selling 48V 0.5A PoE injector adapter housing is made of PC+ABS fire retardant and environmentally friendly material, which is resistant to wear and pressure. PoE power supply is compatible with 10/100 transmission rate, fast installation speed, to meet the video surveillance, wireless network and other engineering large data transmission environment.

    48V 0.5A PoE Power Supply Injector Adapter

    SKU: ATO-POE-4805
    PoE injector adapter is available with input voltage AC100-240V, output voltage DC48/0.5A and port speed10/100Mbps. This PoE power supply is compatible with most 10/100Mbps IP cameras, IP phones, wireless IP points and other PoE devices.

    48V to 12V Outdoor PoE Splitter, 802.3-AF/AT

    The 48V to 12V isolated PoE splitter has a waterproof enclosure and is compliant with the IEEE802.3-AF/AT standard. Users can easily add additional PoE devices (such as IP cameras, wireless APs or IP phones) to existing POE cables without having to run new cables.

    48V to 5V PoE Splitter, 2.4A, 802.3-AF/AT

    Buy a PoE splitter with a voltage regulation function online, it comes with a maximum current of 2.4A, a wide voltage range of 48V-57V, and an output voltage of 5V, which can provide stable and consistent power for your PoE devices. The compact Gigabit PoE splitter is easy to install in a small space, and compatible with IEEE802.3-AF/AT, which ensures seamless integration with your existing network equipment.

    48V to 5V PoE Splitter, 2.4A, USB-C Adapter

    Low price 48V to 5V type-C adapter PoE splitter for sale, with a maximum current 2.4A, support IEEE802.3-AF/AT. The PoE splitter is ideal for security camera CCTV monitoring, non-PoE terminals to easily access the PoE network.

    5V AC to DC Wall Adapter, 5W/ 10W/ 15W, 1A/ 2A/ 3A

    Cheap price wall mount AC adapter online for sale, the wall plug adapter with output voltage 5VDC, rated power 5W/ 10W/ 15W can be chosen, output current 1A/ 2A/ 3A are optional, and capacity 1000mA/ 2000mA/ 3000mA are optional. The battery charger power adapter is suitable for routers, set-top boxes, transceiver levels, lasers, POS machines and fingerprint devices.

    5V DC 10A 50W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-50-5
    Switching power supply (SMPS) has full range AC input, converting 110V/220V AC to 5V DC with rated current 10A and rated power 50W, cooling by free air convection. High quality and low price switch-mode power supply is an ideal choice for LED light strips, computers, printers, monitoring equipment and industrial control.

    5V Desktop AC to DC Adapter, 25W/ 30W/ 40W/ 50W

    SKU: ATO-SPF-05
    Cheap price desktop AC to DC adapter with output voltage 5V DC, rated power 25W/ 30W/ 40W/ 50W for selection, output current 5A/ 6A/ 8A/ 10A are optional. It is suitable for printers, pure water machines, switching power supplies, surveillance cameras, liquid crystal displays, water purifiers and other equipment.

    90W Gigabit PoE Injector Adapter, RJ-45

    SKU: ATO-POE-90W
    High quality 90W PoE Gigabit injector for sale at a low price. Gigabit ports include 1 Gigabit PoE port +1 Gigabit RJ45 network port +1 AC power port. Power over Ethernet injector with its compact and durable design, suitable for various applications, including IP camera, the wireless access point and VoIP phone.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 24V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1224
    High quality and cost-effective DC-DC boost converter series step up 12V DC to 24V DC, power rating from 24 watts to 1200 watts, 10-23V DC input range. 100% waterproof & anti-shock protection, ultra compact size, light weight.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 28V/30V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1228
    DC-DC mini boost converter with wide input voltage range of 10V to 18V or 10-16V, designed to step up the input rated voltage 12V DC to 28V or 30V output voltage, rated current from 2A to 40A, compact and lightweight, waterproof and anti-shock protection.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 36V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1236
    This series of 12V DC to 36V DC boost converters have wide input range of 10V to 25V, output power from 36W to 1080W, different models are optional. Low price DC-DC step up power modules, are provided with overload protection, overvoltage protection.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 48V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1248
    DC-DC boost converter series for sales, selectable output current from 1 amp to 20 amps, 10-25V wide input voltage range. This DC-DC power module is designed to step up 12V DC to 48V DC, high transfer efficiency and stable performance.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 24V to 48V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-2448
    Buy 24V DC to 48V DC boost converter series online, with different models from 3 amps to 42 amps, 144 watts to 2000 watts, 18V-35V input voltage range, high efficiency up to 97%, IP68 waterproof level and anti-shock protection, ultra compact size, light weight.

    A DC power supply is a device that maintains a stable voltage and current in the circuit, such as dry batteries, accumulators, DC generators, etc. The DC power supply has two electrodes, positive and negative. The potential of the positive electrode is high, and the potential of the negative electrode is low. When the two electrodes are connected to the circuit, a constant potential difference can be maintained between the two ends of the circuit, thus forming a circuit from the positive electrode to the negative electrode in the external circuit. A DC power supply is an energy conversion device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy supply circuits to maintain a steady flow of current.

    Different types of DC power supplies on

    DC-DC Converter

    DC-DC Boost Converter 12V to 19VA DC-DC converter is an electrical energy conversion circuit or electromechanical device that can convert a DC power source into a DC (or near-DC) power source of different voltages. Its power can range from very small (small batteries) to very large (high voltage power conversion). Some DC-DC converters have the same reference point for the output voltage and input voltage, while some DC-DC converters have the output voltage isolated from the input voltage. ATO offers DC-DC boost converters, DC-DC buck converters, DC-DC boost buck converters for you, and they are all at reasonable prices.

    Plating Rectifier

    100A three phase plating rectifierThe Plating rectifier uses IGBT as the main power device, and uses ultra-microcrystalline soft magnetic alloy material as the main transformer core. The main control system adopts multi-loop control technology, and the structure adopts anti-salt spray acidification measures. The power supply is characterized by its small size, light weight, high efficiency and high reliability. It is suitable for various precision surface treatment places such as experiment, oxidation, electrolysis, zinc plating, nickel plating, tin plating, chrome plating, photoelectric, smelting, chemical formation, corrosion and so on. ATO provides a series of forced air cooling plating rectifiers, continuously adjustable current from 100A to 6000A, three phase four wire 50-60Hz 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V AC input voltage and 10V/ 12V/ 15V/ 24V DC output voltage. They adopt pulse width modulation (PWM) as the control circuit and world-famous IGBT power modules, equipped with a standard antiseptic remote controller box, separate the power from the plating tank.

    Linear DC Power Supply

    2A 30V 60W variable linear DC power supplyThe linear DC power supply is to first reduce the voltage amplitude of the AC power through the transformer, and then rectify it through the rectifier circuit to obtain the pulsed DC power, and then filter to obtain the DC voltage with the tiny ripple voltage. To achieve high-precision DC voltage, it must be regulated by a voltage regulator circuit. ATO provides high quality linear DC power supplies with optional input voltage 110V or 220V, an output continuously adjustable at 0-60V DC, different adjustable currents from 0-1A to 0-100A for selection, 3 digits/4 digits LED display, 1-channel output, 2-channel output and 4-channel output versions are available. The constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) mode automatic conversion, overall output protection functions ensure more stable operation and longer service life.

    AC to DC Adapter

    5V AC to DC wall adapterAC to DC adapter is a power supply conversion device for small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances. It is generally composed of shells, transformers, inductors, capacitors, control ICs, PCB boards and other components. Its working principle is to convert AC input to DC output; According to the connection method, it can be divided into wall type and desktop type. Widely used in security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, light bars, massagers and other equipment. provides AC/DC wall adapter and desktop AC/DC adapter for you to choose from, 5V to 48V available.

    Switching Power Supply

    15V DC 3A 100W switching power supplySwitching power supply, short for SMPS, is a high-frequency electric energy conversion device, which is a kind of power supply. Its function is to convert a level of voltage into the voltage or current required by the user through different forms of architecture. The input of the switching power supply is mostly AC power (such as commercial power) or DC power, and the output is mostly equipment that requires DC power, such as personal computers, and the switching power supply converts the voltage and current between the two. The switching power supplies on can convert universal AC input to 5V/15V/12V/24V/48V DC output with short circuit, overload and overvoltage protection, complying with safety & EMC standards.  High quality 50W ~ 400W SMPS power supply is an ideal choice for switching on & off LED light strips, computers, printers and other power tools, office devices, household appliances or industrial equipment.