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    12V DC 8.5A 100W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-100-12
    Switching power supply converts full range AC to DC 12V, rated current 8.5A and rated power 100W, with overvoltage and overload protection. High quality and high efficiency SMPS power supply suitable for light strip, computer, printer, industry control system, and home appliances.

    1500A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 480V AC to 24V DC

    SKU: ATO-HI-1d5K
    Air cooling 0-1500A adjustable plating rectifer power supply used in 3-phase 50Hz/60Hz 400V/ 480V AC input and 12V/ 24V DC output, other desired voltages are customized, features with complete protection functions, 24 hours operation at full load, energy saving more than 20% because of higher conversion efficiency, especially low DC output voltage.

    2000A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 380V AC to 15V DC

    SKU: ATO-HI-2K
    3-phase 380V AC to 15V DC hard chrome plating IGBT rectifier machine has 0-2000A adjustable high output current, output voltage can be continuously adjusted also. Forced air cooling by the big axial fans, works with a remote controller box, higher power factor and lower cost of operation to meet all of your plating need.

    30A 30V 900W Adjustable DC Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-DCPS-30
    Adjustable 0-30 volt and 0-30 amp outputs DC regulated power supply on sales and with low price, 900W power, dual channel, CC/CV automatic switching, 4 LED digital display with high accuracy. Grounding wire, thermal protection, limit current protection, voltage overload and short-circuit protection ensure the safety.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 24V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1224
    High quality and cost-effective DC-DC boost converter series step up 12V DC to 24V DC, are power rating from 24 watts to 1200 watts, 10-23V DC input range. 100% waterproof & anti-shock protection, ultra compact size, light weight.

    24V DC 4.5A 100W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-100-24
    Low price 24V DC switching power supply has universal AC input voltage (selected by a switch), 4.5A rated current and 108W rated power, cooling by free air convection, short circuit and overload protection, ideal SMPS power supply for all kinds of applications.

    3000A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 400V AC to 12V DC

    SKU: ATO-HI-3K
    Air cooling 3000 amps high enegy saving plating with 50Hz/60Hz 3-phase 400V AC input and 10V/ 12V low voltage output. It adopts IGBT inverter soft switch rectifier technology, mainly used as various metal and non-metal electroplating rectifier power supply. The matched remote controller with timing function offers more secure and higher control precision.

    50A 30V 1500W Adjustable DC Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-DCPS-50
    High precision 0-30V 0-50A adjustable DC power supply with optional 110V/220V±10% AC input, dual channel output and back-end with air switch, 3 digit LED display, CC/CV mode automatic switch, output voltage and current are continuously adjustable at nominal value.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 36V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1236
    This series of 12V DC to 36V DC boost converters have wide input range of 10V to 25V, output power from 36W to 1080W, different models are optional. Low price DC-DC step up converters, are provided with overload protection, overvoltage protection.

    2A/3A/5A 30V Linear DC Power Supply, 2-Channel

    SKU: ATO-DCPS-0205
    This is a highly stable, high quality linear power supply with its 2-channel output continuously adjustable at 0-30V DC. 2A/ 3A/ 5A unit with 3 digit or 4 digit LED display is in stock, can be controlled to output constant voltage or constant current. It comes with a 5V/2A USB port for powering USB devices like phones and tablets.

    4000A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 480V AC to 15V DC

    SKU: ATO-HI-4K
    Three phase air cooled hard chrome plating rectifier matched with remote controller, features 400V/ 480V AC iutput, 0-4000A adjustable current and 0-15V continuously adjustable ouput (8-500V output voltage are customized). It has high enetration ability, strong adhesive force, and can effectively enhance the brightness of the plated surface.

    48V DC 2A 100W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-100-48
    48V DC switching power supply converts universal AC input to DC output with rated current 2A. High performance and favorable price SMPS has a wide range of application in power tools, office equipment, home appliance and industrial control equipment.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 12V to 48V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-1248
    DC-DC boost converter series on sales, output current from 1 amp to 20 amps to select, 10-25V wide input voltage range, is designed to step up 12V DC to 48V DC, high transfer efficiency and stable performance.

    5000A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 12V/15V/24V

    SKU: ATO-HI-5K
    0-5000 amps variable air-cooling IGBT rectifier for electroplating process, with remote control box and timer function, high frequency pulse current output, optional for 0-12V/ 0-15V/ 0-24V continuously adjustable output voltage. Reliable quality and cheap price rectifier will definitely satisfy your requirements.

    5A 30V Variable DC Power Supply, 4-Channel Output

    SKU: ATO-DCPS-054C
    ATO provides 2 versions of best price 4 digits LED display linear regulated DC power supply with 4-channel output, constant voltage and current operation mode automatic conversion. One version has two 0-30V/0-5A outputs and comes with two additional 5V/1A fixed outputs, the other version has two 0-30V/0-5A outputs and adjustable 0-6.5V/3A & 0-15V/1A outputs.

    5V DC 30A 150W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-150-5
    Favorable price and high quality 150W switching power supply converts 110V AC/220V AC to 5V DC with rated current 30A . Reliable SMPS with short circuit, overload and overvoltage, ideal for LED strip, computer, printer, monitoring camera, industrial control, etc.

    DC-DC Boost Converter, 24V to 48V

    SKU: ATO-DCDC-2448
    Buy 24V DC to 48V DC boost converter series online, with different models from 3 amps to 42 amps, 144 watts to 2000 watts, 18V-35V input voltage range, high efficiency up to 97%, IP68 waterproof level and anti-shock protection, ultra compact size, light weight.

    12V DC 12.5A 150W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-150-12
    12V DC 150W switching power supply convert full range AC power to 12V DC, rated current 12.5A, Cooling by free air convection and with short circuit, overvoltage and overload protection. High price-effective and reliability SMPS has a wide applications such as LED light strips, computers, printers, TV, radio, air compressors, vehicle and so on.

    6000A Three Phase Plating Rectifier, 480V AC to 12V DC

    SKU: ATO-HI-6K
    6000A chrome plating rectifier switching power supply for sales, converts three phase 50/60Hz 380V/ 480V AC input voltage to 12V/ 15V DC output voltage, air-cooling mode, high coversion efficiency to 92%. Combined with a remote controller box, not only easy to operate but also to ensure the safety of operating personnel.

    15V DC 10A 150W Switching Power Supply

    SKU: ATO-SMPS-150-15
    Favorable price and high quality 15V DC 10A 150W switching power supply has dual input voltage: AC 110V/220V which is selectable by switch, ideal SMPS power supply for keeping the voltage stability and ensuring the safety in use.