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    Color Sensor

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    Color sensor can be used with the instrument of automatic control system to detect the color, color patches and lines, and objects existence, can realize automatic positioning, color identification, correction, register, counting and other functions, with high sensitivity, fast response, strong anti-background light interference, compact structure, easy to use and low price.
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    Color mark sensor is used to detect various labels. It can detect the difference in background color with rapid processing speed, even slight difference. Color detection sensor can adapt the wave length automatically, which can detect the slight difference in gray value, regardless of the mixing color of label and background.

    Applications: Color sensor can be used in the detection of printing and packaging equipment, such as bag making machines, slitting machines, film cutting machines, packaging machines, etc.


    Model ATO-COLS
    Weight 0.18~0.5kg
    Test type Coaxial reflex
    Detection range 10mm±2mm, 9mm
    Detection of perspective Light rays should be perpendicular to the detect object surface, ±15°
    Supply voltage DC 10-30V±10%, bellows<10%
    Consumption current <45mA
    Load current 200mA (max)
    Sensitivity Adjustable
    Response time 0.1~1ms, 50μs, 200μs/500μs
    Light source Red, green, blue, white
    Spot Φ0.5~Φ1.5mm
    Output mode Light on, dark on
    Output instructions Red LED
    Output voltage VH≤1.5V, VL≤1.2V
    Circuit protection device Power reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, wrong connection protection
    Anti-background light Incandescent<3000LX, sunlight 10000LX
    Shell material Metal, engineering plastics
    Raises thread Φ5.4 PVC four-core shield cable with sheath, standard length: 2m
    Temperature Operating temperature: -15~65℃, storage temperature: -15~80℃
    Protection class IP67

    Selection table:

    Item Weight (kg) Dimention L*H*W (mm) Detection range (mm) Light source Response time Output type Shell material
    Z3N-TR22 0.5 80*48*28 10±2 Red 0.1~1ms NPN Metal
    Z3N-GR22 0.5 80*48*28 10±2 Green 0.1~1ms NPN Metal
    Z3N-T22 0.5 80*48*28 10±2 Red, green 0.1~1ms NPN Metal
    Z3N-TB22 0.5 80*48*28 10±2 Blue, green 0.1~1ms NPN Metal
    Z3N-TW22 0.5 80*48*28 10±2 Green, white 0.1~1ms NPN Metal
    KS-TR22 0.5 88.5*54*26 10±2 Red 0.1~1ms NPN Engineering plastics
    KS-GR22 0.5 88.5*54*26 10±2 Green 0.1~1ms NPN Engineering plastics
    KS-T22 0.5 88.5*54*26 10±2 Red, green 0.1~1ms NPN Engineering plastics
    KS-C22 0.5 88.5*54*26 10±2 Blue, green 0.1~1ms NPN Engineering plastics
    KS-TW22 0.5 88.5*54*26 10±2 Green, white 0.1~1ms NPN Engineering plastics
    BZJ-211 0.4 85*57*28 10±2 Red/green/blue/white 50μs NPN Metal
    BZJ-311 0.5 100*62*38 9 Red/green/blue/white 50μs NPN, analog signal Metal
    BZJ-411 0.2 56*40*23 9 Red/green/blue/white 200μs/500μs NPN Metal
    BZJ-511 0.18 56*40*23 9 Red/green/blue/white 200μs/500μs NPN Metal

    Tips: How to select light source of color sensor?
    There are several kinds of light source of color sensor:

    1. White light: a hybrid light source consisting of a variety of wave length (color).
    2. Monochromatic light: refers to the sensor light source can only emit light of one color (red/green/blue).
    3. Two-colors light: refers to the sensor light source can emit light of two colors (for example: red+green), but only one color can be selected during work.
    4. Three-colors light of red, green and blue (RGB): it refers to the ability of a sensor light source to emit red, green and blue colors, but only one color can be used at work.

    If simply focus on the cost and budget, using white light is a good way to save money, but detection performance will reduce. Using a monochromatic light source can effectively improve the color detection performance, but cannot detect multiple colors and the combination of background patterns. The two-color light source needs to switch the light source switch manually and the operation is not flexible enough. For RGB three light source color sensor, actually it uses monochromatic light during working, but light source color is automatically set up according to the detected colors of background and color mark by color sensor, so the price is relatively expensive.

    In this short video, ATO will show you how to wire a color sensor, and how to use a color sensor for color detection.

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    What is the cost of the color sensor?
    I am working in tyre industry. We have a tyre imbalance machine.
    The machine will find out low mass point and yellow spotting will be done (The yellow dots identify where a tire weighs the least — the lightest point on a tire.
    The yellow dot should be lined up and directly next to the valve stem, which is the wheel’s heaviest point.).
    We are facing the problem of double yellow color spotting in same side
    From: faye | Date: 10/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    We recommend Color Sensor SKU: ATO-COLS.
    Please check if this sensor can meet your requirements, see spec and price on:
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