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    Insulation Rubber Sheet, 3mm*5kV

    SKU: ATO-RS-01-3mm
    The 3mm*5kV insulating rubber sheet has good physical and mechanical properties, no peculiar smell, no bubbles, no pits, smooth and clean surface, and a service life of more than five years. This insulating rubber is your best choice.

    Insulation Rubber Sheet, 5mm*10kV

    SKU: ATO-RS-01-5mm
    The 5mm*10kV insulating rubber sheet has good strong elasticity, superior insulation performance, shiny surface. You can't miss this insulating rubber sheet.

    Insulation Rubber Sheet, 6mm*15kV

    SKU: ATO-RS-01-6mm
    The extreme elasticity of rubber has become the first reason for the choice of the 6mm*15kV insulating rubber sheet. Good elasticity makes the insulating rubber sheet difficult to break during other processes such as stopping the floor, and has good stretch ability and extensibility.

    Rubber sheets are basically sheets made of rubber or cloth that are coated with rubber to improve the mechanical properties of rubber sheeting such as increased tensile strength and reduced elongation.

    ATO provides different colors and pressure resistance rubber sheet. 3mm*5kV, 5mm*10kV, 6mm*15kV rubber sheet can be chosen.

    High quality material rubber sheet with broad applications in oil and petrol service such as fuel pumps, control valves, and other similar uses. It can be used flexibly for different purposes.

    Features of Insulation Rubber Sheet:

    The main raw material of insulation rubber sheet is rubber, which is the latex produced by rubber trees and other plants. The reason for using rubber as the material for insulating sheet is that rubber has superior properties which are incomparable with other materials. It has good physical and mechanical properties, and has excellent insulation performance. By passing different Electrical insulation performance tests, ATO industrial rubber sheet can be used in diverse voltage level environments.

    • First and foremost, the rubber sheet has an excellent insulating property, which makes the insulating rubber sheet work normally without being affected even under high voltage voltages.
    • Furthermore, the elasticity of rubber is also an excellent choice for insulating rubber sheet. The flexibility makes it less likely to break during flooring and other processes, and it has also great extensibility.
    • The rubber insulation board is also waterproof. It is effective against water penetration on the ground and protects the lives of staff.

    How to Color a Rubber Sheet?

    Rubber sheet coloring

    There are many types of rubber sheet, any kind of rubber sheet produced by the material, is composed of the main material and a variety of coordination agent mixed multi-component system materials, each component plays a certain role.

    The coloring method of rubber sheet and products is mainly surface coloring method and mixed coloring method. Surface coloring refers to the spraying of coloring agent on the surface of rubber sheet and products to make it coloring. The act has a certain effect on static and dynamic rubber sheet products, colorants that are easy to peel off and fade.

    Blending method is the main method of rubber sheet coloring, which is divided into solution method and mixing method. Rubber sheet coloring is to dissolve the rubber plate liquid in a good solvent in a solution, and then in addition to sulfur in the rubber sheet liquid, then add colorant and rubber sheet liquid coordination agent, stir evenly, dry in a certain temperature in addition to solvent, and then add sulfur in the rubber mixer.

    Rubber sheet mixing coloring this method is currently rubber sheet and rubber sheet products more commonly used coloring method, is to add coloring agent or add carrier in it, and then add rubber sheet, through the rubber mixer to mix evenly coloring. Its specific method is: dry powder plywood coloring, plywood color paste coloring, plywood grain coloring, plywood base material refining glue color.

    What are Rubber Sheets Used For?

    Rubber sheet application

    Some of the most popular uses of soft rubber sheets are in flooring and roofing applications. Rubber provides good resistance to substances like oil and petroleum, ultra violet lights, oxidizing elements etc. Moreover, it has the capacity to maintain its flexibility even in cold temperature. Its elasticity even makes it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers and for specialized machinery mountings designed to reduce vibration.

    There are various types of flexible rubber sheets that are used for numerous purposes e.g., industrial buildings, agricultural machines etc. They also have commercial and residential usage e.g, for store rooms, gyms, dance studios, garages, washer and dryer pans, weather stripping and in many other construction and remodeling uses.

    Industrial rubber sheets are used in many areas like footwear, medicine, engineering, railways, automotive, aeronautics, etc. For example, they can be used as a lining for storage tanks and railroad tank cars, for making gaskets, floor mats, bearing pads, horse stall mats, orthopedic footwear and sand blasting or other types of curtains capable of withstanding extreme work conditions. Such sheets can even be laid under shower heads and outside washrooms to prevent slipping or tripping.