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    Digital Magnetic Protractor, 0-360 Degree

    The digital magnetic protractor is a protractor, goniometer, and level in one, with a large, clear display to help you work in dark conditions. The automatic switch-off function allows the digital magnetic protractor to be used for longer. A digital magnetic protractor is an excellent tool for use in the automotive, woodworking, and medical sectors.
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    Digital angle finder protractor with backlight display, can measure from 0 to 360 degrees without dead angle, has low voltage buzzer alarm function, V-groove base with strong magnet, can be firmly attached to curved or cylindrical magnetic surfaces, such as metal pipes or shafts.


    Model ATO-DP-360
    Resolution 4x90°
    Accuracy 0.05°
    Protection Level  IP65 (30 minutes under spraying conditions)
    Operating Temperature  -10°C ~50°C
    Power Supply  2 No. 7 batteries, automatic shutdown after 5 minutes without induction
    Backlight Characteristics backlight function on, press any key can be lit at the same time backlight about 30 seconds
    Weight with Packaging 211g



    • Digital magnetic protractor with a magnetic surface, easy to attach to metal surfaces.
    • Voice alert with 0° horizontal and 90° vertical beeping.
    • Waterproof IP65 for 30 minutes in the shower.
    • When the inclinometer is inverted, the LCD display will automatically flip up for easy reading.


    Button Function

    360 degree digital magnetic protractor

     Button A

    • Press once to turn on the display screen.
    • Press again to zero the current angle and the REF icon will show the relative angle measurement mode.
    • Press and hold the "A" key for 3 seconds and then turn off.
    • This display will turn off automatically after 5 minutes without induction, which is convenient to extend the battery life.

    Button B

    • Press once to enter the HOLD function and display the "H" icon.
    • Press again to release the HOLD (manual) function.
    • Press and hold the "B" button for 3 seconds to activate the voice prompt function. The buzzer will sound at 0° horizontally and 90° vertically, with a faster rhythm when approaching 0° or 90° and a continuous sound when at 0° or 90°.

    Button C

    • Switch angle display unit, each press, the unit from degrees to millimeters/meters, in turn, switch to degrees to slope ratio, degrees to inches/feet.
    • Press the "C" button for 3 seconds to turn on the display light.
    • Press any key to turn off the display when this light is on.
      Press the "C" key for 3 seconds to turn on the display.


    Digital protractor applications

    Tips: Why does the digital display angle finder use the relative measurement method when measuring?

    The digital display angle finder adopts the relative measurement method, which is convenient for measuring position and speed. Electronic goniometers are often used to measure horizontal angles, relative angles, and inclination angles, and can be used in automobile manufacturing, control automation improvement, and other fields. The four sides of the electronic goniometer are measuring working surfaces, which can measure any angle in all directions.

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