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    Digital Angle Finder Protractor with Bubble Level

    The digital angle finder protractor has an angle range of 0-225° and a moving ruler that can measure 360°. The paint surface of the digital display angle ruler is oxidized, which is more wear-resistant and smooth, and is specially designed for quick and easy operation.
    SKU: ATO-DP-992
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    High-precision digital angle finder protractor with a shockproof bubble level can be inverted high-definition digital display screen reads clearly, easy to calibrate. The digital protractor angle finder can be locked to move the scale at any angle, and it can also be used as an auxiliary tool for marking lines, which is easy to use.


    Model ATO-DP-992
    Display resolution 0.05°
    Accuracy 0° ~ ±225°
    Display Resolution 0.02°
    Working Temperature 0°C~50°C
    Working humidity ≤85%RH
    Working Current <80ηA
    Power Supply 3V CR2032 lithium battery



    • Anti-vibration level bubble technology, VPA certified, fluorescent material for increased low-light visibility.
    • The aluminum alloy ruler body is strong and durable, and the surface of the paint by anodic oxidation treatment, more wear-resistant and smooth.
    • 360°measuring motion ruler also can be used for scribing assistance, lockable, and easy to use.
    • Invertible high-definition digital display for clear reading and easy calibration.
    • Keep reading and relative reading, digital display can be inverted, more convenient, and intuitive reading.


    Digital protractor applications

    Tips: How to use a digital magnetic protractor?

    Level measurement: Turn on the power and put the digital magnetic protractor on the surface you want to measure. In standard ABS mode, the LCD screen will show how many degrees the measurement surface is below or above the true level, with +/- marks to show how to level the measurement surface. If the voice function is activated, the buzzer will sound at the horizontal zero degrees.

    Slope measurement: The digital inclinometer measures the slope of a similar roof in inches, measuring the slope dimension in inches per foot, or in millimeters, measuring the slope dimension in millimeters per meter.

    Slope measurement: This digital magnetic protractor can also be used to measure the slope of a surface, especially when laying drainage pipes. When the conversion key is in slope measurement mode, the ratio is displayed. If the voice function is activated, the pager will sound when the ratio is 0.0%.

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