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    24V to12V Waterproof PoE Splitter Adapter

    The 24V to 12V PoE splitter adapter is designed with a waterproof interface, wide input voltage of 24V, stable output voltage and isolated input voltage fluctuations to prevent burnout of the camera. Outdoor waterproof PoE splitter adapter transmission rate 10/100Mbps, monitoring smoothly without lag, to provide users with excellent performance and reliability.

    48V to 12V Outdoor PoE Splitter, 802.3-AF/AT

    The 48V to 12V isolated PoE splitter has a waterproof enclosure and is compliant with the IEEE802.3-AF/AT standard. Users can easily add additional PoE devices (such as IP cameras, wireless APs or IP phones) to existing POE cables without having to run new cables.

    48V to 5V PoE Splitter, 2.4A, 802.3-AF/AT

    Buy a PoE splitter with a voltage regulation function online, it comes with a maximum current of 2.4A, a wide voltage range of 48V-57V, and an output voltage of 5V, which can provide stable and consistent power for your PoE devices. The compact Gigabit PoE splitter is easy to install in a small space, and compatible with IEEE802.3-AF/AT, which ensures seamless integration with your existing network equipment.

    48V to 5V PoE Splitter, 2.4A, USB-C Adapter

    Low price 48V to 5V type-C adapter PoE splitter for sale, with a maximum current 2.4A, support IEEE802.3-AF/AT. The PoE splitter is ideal for security camera CCTV monitoring, non-PoE terminals to easily access the PoE network.

    A PoE splitter, also known as a Power over Ethernet splitter, is a device that separates power and data signals from a single Ethernet cable. It is commonly used in PoE (Power over Ethernet) installations where both power and data are transmitted over a single Ethernet cable. The PoE splitter splits the power supply into data signal and power, with two output cables, one for power output and one for network data signal output i.e. normal network cable. ATO PoE splitter can match various non-POE powered terminals with DC input and supports IEEE 802.3af/802.3at standards.