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    Water Purification System

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    Laboratory Water Purification System, RO, Type 3

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Moro210
    Hot sell lab ultra pure reverse osmosis water purification system with low price, produces Type III water / distilled water straight from tap water, conductivity of the outlet water is 0-10us/cm, suitable for general chemical/physical testing of laboratory instruments, solution preparation.

    Laboratory Water Purification System, Type 2 and 3

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Moresearch310
    Factory price lab reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier, converts tap water into Type II ultrapure water, 10-16 megohm resistivity, providing DI water in three production rates of 10, 20 or 30 liters per hour, Ideal for atomic absorption spectrophotometry, buffer solution, blood test and ICP-MS.

    Lab Water Purification System, <3ppb TOC, Type 1 & 3

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Mogene610
    Low TOC and pyrogen water purification system, RO Type I deionized ultra water purifier for lab, ultraviolet (UV) sterilized, IC automtical controling, used to IC/ICP-MS/HPLC/LC-MS organic analysis, TOC analysis, molecular biologu related experiment, e.g. PCR, DNA/RNA preparation, protein analysis and so on.

    RO Water Purification System, <10ppb TOC, Type 1 & 3

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Moelement810
    Cost effective lab water purification system, pretreatment, reverse osmosis modules, deionization cartridges, storage tanks, UV sterilizers are integrated into one system, less than 10 parts per billion total organic carbon (TOC), highest quality to meet various laboratory applications.

    RO Water Purification System, <20ppb TOC, Type 1 & 3

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Moatom510
    Lab reverse osmosis deionized water purification system on sale, tap water filtered to Type I and Type III ultrapure water, 18.2 megohm resistivity and less than 20ppb TOC, applied to atomic absorption/ atomic emission spectroscopy, toxicity test, quantitative analysis of trace element, buffer solution, GC, IC, HPLC etc.

    Lab Water Purification System for Biochemical Analyzer

    SKU: ATO-WPS-Mobiochem910
    Excellent price lab RO water treatment equipment, specially made for blood station / research lab / clinical laboratory in hospital / biochemical analyzer, provides Type II and Type III deionized water, ≥ 5MΩ-cm resistivity, supplied to Roche, Hitachi, Olympus, Siemens, Mindray etc biochemistry analyzers.

    ATO offers laboratory water purification system solution for a wide range of applications in labs, testing organization, research institute, hospital, pharmaceutical plant, chemical industry etc. Water plays an important role in laboratory research and testing. Lab ultrapure water equipment sold by provides the best quality pure and ultrapure water, with multi-stage pre-filters, RO, UF, ion exchange, UV, final filter and other technology. Whether you need Type I, II or III water, we can supply you with a water purification system at an affordable price to meet various water quality requirements.