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    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 450mm Arm Length, 2kg Load

    SKU: ATO-SCARA-450
    High performance 4 axis SCARA robot with arm length of 450mm, 2kg rated load capacity and maximum payload up to 5kg, combined with a newly developed control box, allowable moment of inertia 0.015kg.m2, suitable for assembly and inspection process of electronics equipment and automobile components where precision is required.

    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 500mm Arm Length, 1kg Load

    SKU: ATO-SCARA-550
    This low price 4-axis SCARA robot with a powerful arm allows for reaches up to 550 mm, which provides ample work envelope, high speed cycles. 6kg rated load and max load is 8kg. The high performance control box that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use and reliability.

    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 600mm Arm Length, 2kg Load

    SKU: ATO-SCARA-600
    Best 6kg rated load SCARA robot for sales, 4 axes, available in arm length of 600mm, has a powerful and compact design, maximum payload up to 8kg, suitable for the automation of assembly and inspection. Equipped with high performance control box and teaching box, provides great flexibility and expandability.

    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 700mm Arm Length, 6kg Load

    SKU: ATO-SCARA-700
    This is a high-speed 4 axis SCARA robot with arm length 700mm, 6kg rated load and maximum payload capacity up to 8kg. It combines with a controller and teaching box, which provides powerful integrated options to better complete your mechanical assembly, pick and place applications.

    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 800mm Arm Length, 2kg Load

    SKU: ATO-SCARA-800
    High reliability industrial 4-axis SCARA robot is a cost-effective solution for precision machining, assembly and material handling. With 800mm arm length, 2kg rated load and max. payload of 5kg at an affordable price. It handles maximum speeds of 1500°/sec with greater precision and repeatability, low residual vibration due to the powerful proprietary control system design.

    SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is a special industrial cylindrical coordinate robot. The 4 axis SCARA robot has three rotation axes, whose axes are parallel to each other for positioning and orientation in the plane. The other axis is the movement axis, which is used to complete the movement of the end perpendicular to the plane. 4 axis robot has compliance in the X-asix and Y-axis directions, while has good rigidity in the Z-axis direction. Its two-bar structure in series, similar to a human arm, can be flexibly retracted in the working space, especially suitable for moving, taking and placing objects. ATO 4 axis SCARA robots with 450mm, 550mm, 600mm, 700mm and 800mm different arm length, 2kg rated load and max. payload up to 5kg. They features light-weight structure, high precision, fast respone and easy operation, widely used in assembly operations, printed circuit boards and electronic components.