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    4 Axis SCARA Robot, 450mm Arm Length, 2kg Load

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    High performance 4 axis SCARA robot with arm length of 450mm, 2kg rated load capacity and maximum payload up to 5kg, combined with a newly developed control box, allowable moment of inertia 0.015kg.m2, suitable for assembly and inspection process of electronics equipment and automobile components where precision is required.
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    450mm Arm Length, 2kg Load, 4 Axis SCARA Robot runs from single phase AC 220±10%, 50/60Hz power system, good repeatability for precision assembly, compact structure and low cost, high payload for using tools for screw-driving and adhesive application.


    Model ATO-TS5-450
    Number of Axis 4
    Arm Length Full length 450mm
    First arm 200mm
    Second arm 250mm
    Load Rated load 2kg
    Max. load 5kg
    Axis 4 moment of inertia 0.015kg.m2
    Working Envelope Axis 1 ±125°
    Axis 2 ±142°
    Axis 3 185mm
    Axis 4 ±360°
    Repeated Positioning Accuracy X-Y ±0.05mm
    Axis 3 ±0.05mm
    Axis 4 ±0.05mm
    Max. Speed Axis 1 ≤375°/sec
    Axis 2 ≤520°/sec
    Axis 3 ≤833°/sec
    Axis 4 ≤1500°/sec
    Environmental Requirements Temperature 5℃-40℃
    Humidity 10%-80% (no condensation)
    Arm Body I/O Line 0.2*5 core
    Arm Body Tracheal Interface Φ6*2
    Arm Weight (excluding electric control box, extension cord) 15kg
    Power Supply Single phase AC 220±10%, 50/60Hz
    Protection Level IP21
    Installation Method Vertical mount
    Package Included 1 x SCARA robot, 1 x control box, 1 x teaching box (total weight: 45kg)


    *Using ATO SCARA robots require more robot programming knowledge and automation equipment experience.
    *You can install it yourself after buying our robot.
    *If you have not used similar equipment before and need more buying guides, please feel free to contact us.

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    450mm arm length scara robot dimension

    450mm arm length scara robot dimension

    Working Range (Unit: mm)

    450mm arm length scara robot working range


    When teaching within the range of SCARA robot action, please observe the following items.

    1. Keep looking at the SCARA robot from the front.
    2. Comply with operating procedures.
    3. Considering the strain scheme of robot suddenly moving to its orientation.
    4. Ensure that shelters are set up in case of emergencies.

    Accidental entry into the range of motion of the robot or contact with the robot may lead to personal injury accidents. In addition, in case of abnormality, please press the emergency stop key immediately (the emergency stop key is located at the front door of the control cabinet and the right side of the teaching box).

    Existing reviews of 4 Axis SCARA Robot, 450mm Arm Length, 2kg Load
    The 4 axis SCARA robot is my favorite
    I have always liked robots. When I saw a 4 axis SCARA robot on the ATO.con online store, I didn't hesitate to buy it. After the product arrived, I couldn't wait to install it. Using it requires more knowledge of robot programming and experience in automation equipment. I think these are very interesting and I like it very much.
    From: Miami | Date: 17/03/2021
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