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    Explosion Proof Speed Sensor, M16

    Factory explosion-proof speed sensor, M16, adopts a special explosion-proof cable to meet the explosion-proof requirements of customers in special environments and working conditions. Output signal level pulse/NPN/PNP can be chosen. It is a non-contact measurement sensor with a wide air gap, no wear, and easy installation, more suitable for harsh applications.

    Hall Effect Speed Sensor, M12

    Stainless steel Hall effect speed sensors for sale online. Hall effect rpm sensor, M12, can measure the speed of gears or rotating objects without contact. The output signal level pulse/NPN/PNP is optional. Simple and reliable, maintenance-free, strong anti-interference ability, Hall speed sensor is suitable for harsh application environments.

    Hall Speed Sensor, M12

    SKU: ATO-HSS-M12
    The provided Hall effect sensor is a non-contact speed sensor. With M12, 0Hz~20KHz frequency, the speed sensor can meet the requirements of high speed measurement. Output signal level pulse/NPN/PNP can be chosen. Cheap Hall effect rpm sensor can be used for zero speed measurement of rotating machinery.

    Magnetic Speed Sensor, M18

    SKU: ATO-MSS-M18
    Magnetic speed sensor, M18, adopts a non-contact measurement method, does not need an external power supply. NPN or PNP output signal can be chosen. This speed sensor has no direction requirements, strong anti-interference, and can be used in harsh environments such as smog, oil gas, and water vapor.