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    270 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-270
    Competitive price peristaltic dosing pump for sale. Flow rate 0.0001~720mL/min (270GPD), speed 0.1~150 rpm, accuracy error <±0.2%, rated voltage 110V/220V, max power 40W, suitable tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm, 1 or 2 pump heads for selection. Small peristaltic metering pump can match with different pump heads and hoses for liquid transmission.

    640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-640
    Buy peristaltic dosing pump from professional manufacturer. Flow rate 0.006~1690mL/min (640GPD), speed 0.1~350 rpm, accuracy error <±0.2%, power supply 110V/220V, power <50W, suitable tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm. Peristaltic metering pump with flow control and small size, different pump heads and hose are available.

    1100 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-1100
    Buy high flow peristaltic dosing pump at ideal price. Flow rate 0.006~2900mL/min (1100GPD), max speed 600 rpm, rated voltage 110V/220V, max power 60W, optional tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm. Peristaltic metering pump for flow transmission and control, selecting other sizes of pump head and hose for different flow rate is provided.

    1300 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-1300
    Peristaltic dosing pump with high flow rate for sale. Power supply 180V~264V, flow rate range 0.25~3500mL/min (1300GPD), speed range 0.1-350 rpm, max power 100W, matched tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm for selection. Good price peristaltic metering pump, more specifications of hose diameter and pump head is optional.

    2200 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-2200
    2200 GPD Peristaltic dosing pump driven by 200W motor, operates at 180V~264V rated voltage. Flow rate range 0.06~6000mL/min, speed range 0.1-600 rpm, applicable hose inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm. Peristaltic metering pump with high flow and low price, suitable for medical use and laboratory equipment.

    300W 4900 GPD Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-49003
    Factory price industrial peristaltic pump for sale. Flow rate 400~13000 mL/min (4900 GPD), variable speed 30~600 rpm, rated voltage 110V/220V, max power 300W, applicable hose inner diameter 9.6mm/12.7mm. Large peristaltic pump can connect 2 pump head, realize high volume liquid transmission and control.

    400W 4900 GPD Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-49004
    Buy 4900 GPD industrial peristaltic pump from reliable manufacturer. Flow rate range 100~13000 mL/min, maximum speed 600 rpm, rated voltage 110V/220V, motor power 400W, hose inner diameter 9.6mm/12.7mm for selection, pump head 1 or 2. Affordable price industrial peristaltic pump transmits large volume or split-charging liquid.

    12500 GPD High Flow Industrial Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-12500
    High flow industrial peristaltic pump works at 400W rated power and 220V/380V voltage. Flow rate range 640~33000 mL/min (12500 GPD), speed 30-350 rpm, optional tubing inner diameter 12.7/25.4/19/9.5mm, connect 1 or 2 pump head. Industrial dosing pump special for batch transmitting large volume liquid.

    2200 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-2200
    Ideal price industrial peristaltic pump for sale, special explosion-proof design. Flow rate range 6~6000 mL/min (2200 GPD), speed 100~600 rpm, tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm for selection, motor power 3700W, rated voltage 3-phase 380V or 220V. High flow explosion-proof peristaltic pump can match different pump heads and hoses.

    4500 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-4500
    Industrial explosion-proof peristaltic pump from professional manufacturer. Flow rate range 800~12000 mL/min (4500 GPD), variable speed 60~570 rpm, suitable tubing inner diameter 9.6mm/12.7mm, rated power 3.7kW, power supply 3-phase 380V or customized 220V. Transmit large-volume liquid in high precision, economic price.

    12500 GPD Explosion-Proof Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-12500E
    High flow industrial peristaltic pump with explosion-proof pump head, competitive price. Flow rate range 640~33000 mL/min (12500 GPD), stepless variable speed 30~350 rpm, optional tubing inner diameter 12.7/25.4/19/9.5mm, motor power 3700W, power supply 3-phase 380V or customized single-phase 220V. High precision peristaltic pump, used for large-volume liquid transmission.

    1200 GPD DC 10V Handheld Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-IPP-1200
    Handheld peristaltic pump with pneumatic explosion-proof motor, powered by DC10.8V rechargeable battery. Flow rate range 300~3300mL/min (1200 GPD), Speed 30~340 rpm, applicable tubing 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm inner diameter. Portable industrial peristaltic pump, small size, low price, matching other specifications of pump heads and hoses is available.

    3V Portable Peristaltic Pump, 2.6 mL/min Flow Rate

    Cheap peristaltic pump with 3V for sale online. Lightweight, weighing only 10g. 3V portable peristaltic pump has compact structure and fine workmanship. 1.5 mL/min and 2.6 mL/min flow rate can be chosen. 3V peristaltic pump tube material is TPE or BPT. Peristaltic pump can be used in environmental equipment.

    6V Low Flow Peristaltic Pump, 1.2 mL/min Flow Rate

    6V peristaltic pump at affodable price. Low flow peristaltic pump with 0.6 mL/min and 1.2 mL/min flow rate. 6V low flow peristaltic pump is for geared DC planetary motor. Working temperature between 0 and 60 ℃. Peristaltic pump control is constant speed, forward or reverse.

    12V High Precision Peristaltic Pump, 11 mL/min Flow Rate

    Economical price precision peristaltic pump for sale online. 12 volt high precision peristaltic pump with DC motor dirve and 3-roller low-pulse design, only 41g. Silicone tubing for peristaltic pump is a good match. Low noise, suitable for supporting small household appliances, handwashing machine, floor sweeping robot can be uesd.

    24V High Pressure Peristaltic Pump, 42 mL/min Flow Rate

    High pressure peristaltic pump with 24 volt power supply. 3 rollers low pulse design, compatible with tubing of wall 1mm. 24V peristaltic pump with stylish, various transparent color, easy for visual management. Compact peristaltic pump has certain corrosion resistant application scenarios, such as printing equipment, laundry equipment and analytical instrument.

    24V Small Peristaltic Pump, 60 mL/min Flow Rate

    Good price small peristaltic pump for sale online. Peristaltic pump flow rate less than 60 mL/min. Peristaltic pump with 24 volt power supply, can run continuously for a long time. Small peristaltic pump is compact and only 40 mm wide. Working temperature between 0 and 60 ℃.

    12V/ 24V Mini Peristaltic Pump, 130 mL/min Flow Rate

    Mini peristaltic pump with DC 12 volt or 24 volt power supply. Pump with 130 mL/min flow rate, 3 roller low pulse design of peristaltic pump, compatible with tube 14#, 16# and 25#. Option colors transparent cover enables visual checking mini peristaltic pump operation status.

    12V Micro Peristaltic Pump, 150 mL/min Flow Rate

    Lower cost 12V micro peristaltic pump for sale. High speed micro motor of peristaltic pump, more suitable for interval operation. Micro peristaltic pump with 3-roller design, suitable for low pulse dose. Peristaltic pumps are used in aquarium, inkjet printer and photo machine.

    24V Laboratory Peristaltic Pump, 279 mL/min Flow Rate

    Economical price 24V peristaltic pump for sale online. Laboratory peristaltic pump loaded with multi-specification tubes, max flow rate 279 mL/min. 24V peristaltic pump with high quality silicone. High precision, low noise, high reliability and long life are the advantages of this kind of peristaltic pump.

    A peristaltic pump is also called peristaltic metering pump, constant flow pump, peristaltic hose pump. A peristaltic pump is a liquid transmission device that can control the flow rate. By repeatedly compressing the elastic tubing, the liquid in hose moves in a certain direction, and its flow rate is determined by the diameter of tubing and the compression speed. The liquid is delivered by alternately squeezing and releasing the elastic delivery hose of the pump. Because the longer peristaltic pump outputs a fixed amount of fluid every revolution, the precision peristaltic pump is also a kind of precision liquid dispenser, which can achieve precise metering and dosing transmission by adjusting the speed and timing.

    ATO peristaltic pumps are widely used in various industries, especially medical, chemical, laboratory, aquarium and so on. Peristaltic transfer pump solves the high volume and precise dosing conveying requirements required by most applications, and improves the degree of industrial automation and intelligence.

    Peristaltic pump price is reasonable, which are produced by professional manufacturer. ATO provide peristaltic dosing pumps with miniature sizes, industrial peristaltic pumps with high flow and small size, mini peristaltic pumps are available for your needs.

    How to Maintain Peristaltic Pump?

    Peristaltic pump maintenance requirements are low when compared to others. However, this doesn't mean that you should neglect maintenance altogether. There are some tips to help you to maintain a peristaltic pump.

    • To Guarantee Rotor Function. The pump rotor can oftentimes become dismantled when removing the hose. This is caused by a pull on the tension spring. A chemical attack on the rotor can also occur if the hose is ruptured. Proper maintenance ensures the 12V peristaltic pump retains its rotary motion and prevents the need for major repairs.
    • To Guarantee Proper Lubrication. Peristaltic pumps use glycerin to lubricate the hose and, sometimes, dissipate heat. Filling the housing of the pump with glycerin guarantees pump efficiency. If the glycerin is present in any other part of the industrial peristaltic pump, this is a sign of a hose leak. This is a relatively easy process that takes no longer than an hour when carried out by an unskilled individual. It is recommended to check the level of the glycerin every week.
    • To Protect Peristaltic Pump Tubing. Precision peristaltic pumps have an advantage in that passing fluids don't come into contact with the pump. This means there's no need to regularly clean diaphragms, valves, or seals. Instead, you must focus your efforts on cleaning or replacing the tubing. Tubed replacements are easy to carry out given that you only need to remove the old pump tube and install a new one.

    Peristaltic Pump Working Principle:

    Peristaltic pump working principleA peristaltic pump works by either two shoes or rollers rotating on a wheel inside of the pump and compressing an internal hose, which then forces through a known quantity of fluid, hence the name of the product. The hose inside of a industrial peristaltic pump is designed to return to its original shape after the shoes or rollers have passed over, so the quantity and flow of fluid are consistently maintained.

    Rollers or shoes in a 24V peristaltic pump compress the tube or hose as they rotate, creating a vacuum which draws fluid through the tube. Nothing but the pump tube or hose touches the fluid, eliminating the risk of the pump contaminating the fluid, or the fluid contaminating the pump. The animation shows fluid being drawn into a pump tube, trapped by the micro peristaltic pump head roller, and expelled when the next roller passes over the tube. As the rollers rotate, a vacuum is formed in the tube, pulling in more fluid, for the next roller pass. The complete closure of the tube when is it occluded (squeezed) between the roller and the track, gives the pump its positive displacement action, preventing back flow and eliminating the need for check-valves when the precision peristaltic pump is not running.

    Peristaltic Pump Applications:

    ATO precision peristaltic pumps are suited for both low and high pressure transfer, metering and dosing applications of low or high viscous, pasty, pure, neutral, aggressive or abrasive liquids. There are some details in the following industries.

    Peristaltic pump applications

    • Food & Beverage. Tomato sauce, mash potatoes, gelatine, beer yeast, fish paste, olive oil, wine, egg white and yolk, edible fat, semolina, natural flavouring, cream, milk and yoghurt.
    • Bakeries. Water and salt mixtures, natural flavourings, fats, cake dough and mixture.
    • Paint. Water-based paint, acrylics, pigments, ink, wall coating.
    • Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics. Chemical dosing, liquid protein, serum, plasma, syrups, shampoos.
    • Waste Water & Water Treatment. Lime cream, ferric chloride, fluoride, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate, caustic soda, activated carbon, reagent feed, dispersion, alum, sludge and foams.
    • Chemical and Petrochemical. Various acids, alcohol, soap, non-aromatic solvents.
    • Pulp and Paper. Latex, kaolin, paper waste sludge, various chemical dosing.
    • Ceramics. Barbotine, mould filling, filter press feeding.
    • Agricultural. Manure, fertilizer sugar mills, molasses, liquid sugar and various chemicals.