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    640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

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    Buy peristaltic dosing pump from professional manufacturer. Flow rate 0.006~1690mL/min (640GPD), speed 0.1~350 rpm, accuracy error <±0.2%, power supply 110V/220V, power <50W, suitable tubing inner diameter 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm. Peristaltic metering pump with flow control and small size, different pump heads and hose are available.
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    Peristaltic dosing pump has good price. Max flow rate 640GPD (1690mL/min), hose matches 4.8/6.4/7.9/9.6mm inner diameter. The peristaltic metering pump supports high-precision continuous transmission, control and simple dosing transmission for liquid. RS485 communication adds more settings on the basis of MODBUS to adapt to the requirements of different communication equipment. Matching other tubing sizes and pumps head can reach higher flow rate.


    Model ATO-BT300L
    Water Flow Rate mL/min 0.006~1690
    GPD (gallon/day) 0~640
    Speed Range 0.1~350 rpm
    Speed Resolution 0.1 rpm
    Speed Accuracy Error < ±0.2%
    Delay Start Time 1s~999h
    Delay Stop Time 1s~999h
    Distribution Time 0.1-99.9s
    Number of Distribution 1-999 times, 0 is infinite loop
    Distribution Interval 0.1-999 seconds/minute/hour
    Suction Angle 0~720°
    Power Supply AC 220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
    AC 110V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
    Motor Power <50W
    External Control Interface External control input level 5V/12V/24V
    External control analog quantity 0-5V/0-10V/4-20mA
    External Control Digital Communication Interface RS485 communication, supports MODBUS protocol
    Working Environment Ambient temperature 0~40℃, relative humidity <80%
    Protection Grade IP31
    Overall Size 260*161*186mm
    Weight 4.9kg


    1. Peristaltic dosing pump has a 4.3-inch color LCD display, the touch screen cooperates with key operations.
    2. Peristaltic dosing pump has LF-Touch-OS software system, which is efficient and stable, and has a good human-computer interaction mode, which is convenient for customization and upgrading.
    3. Peristaltic metering pump has a flow mode and a time mode. Flow and time distribution can be pre-stored 5 groups of distribution parameters. High-precision flow control and display, micro-step algorithm to ensure the accuracy of split charging under different settings.
    4. Peristaltic dosing pump has a guided flow correction function, which is simple and easy to use. The suck back function effectively prevents the liquid from dripping.
    5. Programming mode supports 30 different quantitative parameter settings, which can realize complex control processes.
    6. Peristaltic dosing pump has an intelligent temperature control function, which automatically adjusts heat dissipation according to the environment, so that the peristaltic metering pump is always in the best condition.
    7. Peristaltic dosing pump has infrared remote control function, which is convenient for wireless connection.
    8. Peristaltic metering pump can perform external analog speed regulation. The external control signal controls the start and stop, positive and negative, and split-charging.
    9. RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol, supports up to 80 programming instructions, which is convenient for connecting the peristaltic metering pump with various control equipment.

    640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of 640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump Panel Details

    Panel of 640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump

    640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump Hose Specification (Unit: mm)

    Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Wall Thickness
    15# 4.8 9.8 2.5
    24# 6.4 11.4 2.5
    35# 7.9 12.9 2.5
    36# 9.6 14.6 2.5

    Tips: Peristaltic dosing pump applications.

    Peristaltic dosing pump is widely used in chemical, mining, metallurgical industry, papermaking, paint and coating, food, ceramics, petroleum, water treatment, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and other industries.

    Application of peristaltic dosing pump in the pharmaceutical industry is particularly significant. Peristaltic pumps are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug coating granulation and liquid drug dispensing. Spray drying granulator is also called dry granulator and fluidized bed granulator. It is used to spray special sugar coating on the surface of various granular instant materials, and form granules after drying. These granulators themselves have a drying heat source that can evaporate water. However, the relationship between water evaporation and particle formation is dynamic, so the amount of liquid and water that needs to be sprayed must be very precise to ensure a certain humidity of the particles, which is conducive to the perfect formation of particles. Peristaltic dosing pump plays an important role in accurate quantification.

    Existing reviews of 640 GPD Peristaltic Dosing Pump
    Can this pump be used for potable water?
    Can this pump be used for potable water? Is it possible to change the tube out for something food grade? I need a peristaltic dosing pump in my workroom but I hestitate whether it can meet my needs.
    From: Frank | Date: 22/04/2022
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    ATO Responded
    The tube can be changed. That's true for all peristaltic pumps although the difficulty varies. If you use a suitable material use for potable water would be no issue.
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