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    Digital Force Gauge 2 kN/ 3 kN/ 4 kN to 2000 kN

    SKU: ATO-HA-2000
    Digital force gauge with high accuracy measurement, capacity from 2 kN/ 3 kN/ 4 kN to 2000 kN. Force gauge meter with external sensor equipped with 6-digit large screen display and acceleration of gravity can be set by itself. Charging voltage 100V-240V. Optional SI unit: N (newton), kg (kilogram), lb (pound) available for mutual conversion and data storage can store 447 test values. Automatic shutdown time can be set by yourself. Small, simple, multi-functional, widely used in electronic appliances, architectural hardware, power machinery and so on.

    Digital Force Gauge 2N/ 3N/ 5N to 1000N

    SKU: ATO-HA-1000
    Digital force gauge with built-in sensor for sale, high-efficiency and high-precision, capacity from 2N/ 3N/ 5N to 1000N. Push pull gauge equipped with 6-digit display of high resolution and optional SI unit N (Newton), kg (kilogram), and lb (pound) mutual conversion. Automatic peak function, the time can be set freely from 1 to 9999 seconds and data storage up to 447 test values. The charging voltage from 100V to 240V with short-circuit, leakage, and overload protection functions.

    Mechanical Force Gauge 20N/ 30N/ 50N to 500N

    Mechanical force gauge with high efficiency, capacity 20N/ 30N/ 50N to 500N. Push pull gauge with pointer can be used for switching between peak load (PEAK) test and continuous load value (TRACK) test and the switching knob (PEAK/TRACK button). Push-pull stroke 10mm and work at temperature 10℃~30℃. Two kinds of units are displayed at the same time: NK series are displayed in N (Newton) and kg (kilogram). Widely used in electronics, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware locks.

    Push Pull Force Gauge 10N/ 20N/ 30N to 500N

    Spring force gauge for sale, push pull force gauge with capacity 10N/ 20N/30N to 500N. Spring force gauge has optional SI unit N (newton), kg (kilogram), lb (pound) available for mutual conversion with high precision and high efficiency. 1.5V lithium battery power supply, automatically shut down if there is no operation for ten minutes. Measurement accuracy reaches 0.01N with peak mode and real time mode. Widely applicable to product push-pull load test, insertion force test, destruction test, etc.