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    Safety Relay

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    Safety Relay 24V AC/DC 2NO

    SKU: ATO-SR-E10X
    Low cost DC 24V safety control relay, AC power consumption 5.5VA, DC power consumption 2.5W, AC supply voltage 24V, 42V, 115V, 120V, 230V, or 240V, frequency 50-60Hz. ATO provides high-performance safety relay, safely control the environment around any time to monitor.

    Safety Relay 24V AC/DC 3NO+1NC

    SKU: ATO-SR-E16P
    Safety control relay is mainly used for AC 50-60Hz, supply voltage 24VAC/DC, safety contacts 3NO, auxiliary contact 1NC, AC power consumption 2.2VA, DC power consumption 2W. Extremely light, good value for money, direct sales from the manufacturer and free shipping.