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    2" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-50
    Buy stainless steel knife gate valve online, comes with 2" bore size, pressure 1.6MPa. Wafer knife gate valve takes up little effective space, effectively supporting the strength of the pipeline and reducing the possibility of pipeline vibration.

    3" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-80
    Low price wafer knife gate valve for sale, size 3 inch, stainless steel gate valve with good shearing action, which can effectively prevent sealing leakage caused by corrosion, most suitable for slurry, powder and granular materials, fibers, and other difficult to control fluids.

    4" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-100
    The 4-inch stainless steel knife gate valve has strong corrosion resistance, which can effectively prevent seal leakage caused by gate corrosion. Stainless steel clamp knife gate valve has small flow resistance and is easy to install. It is widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding and other industries.

    6" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-150
    Stainless steel knife gate valves with a nominal pressure of 1.6PMa and an inlet size of 6", the bottom of the gate valve has a knife-shaped oblique cut, which has good shearing effect. 50 mm stainless steel knife gate valve is suitable for use in the pulp industry, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, food and beverage industry and other applications where harsh working conditions are required.

    8" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-200
    Buy a high quality stainless steel wafer gate valve in 8" bore size, ATO wafer knife gate valve is designed for highly corrosive, abrasive liquid slurry applications. The stainless steel knife gate valve is the ideal gate valve for use in pulp and paper, mining, wastewater, chemical, petrochemical, power, steel, food processing or other industries.

    1 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN25

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-25
    The 1-inch brass gate valve adopts a thickened all-copper body, flange connection, and strong pressure resistance. Brass gate valves are used in heating, air conditioning, water, sanitation systems, oil pipelines, gasoline pipe networks, and saturated steam and other fields.

    1/2 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN15

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-15
    Low price threaded brass gate valve for sale, nominal diameter 1/2 inch, nominal pressure 16 MPa. The brass gate valve body has a straight-through channel inside, and the medium is straight through. The thicker bonnet design makes the brass gate valve pressure stronger and better prevents water from overflowing.

    10" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-250
    Heavy duty knife gate valves are available in 10 inch size and 1.6 MPa nominal pressure, the knife gate valves is designed to cut off difficult to control fluids such as slurries, powders and fibres, etc. The ATO stainless steel knife gate valves have excellent sealing and flow characteristics and are suitable for use in a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

    12" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-300
    The 12 inch knife gate valve is made of stainless steel, which has strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Stainless steel knife gate valve has a good shearing effect due to the knife gate. 300mm butt knife gate valve is able to improve the closing and sealing performance of the conveying pipeline system, maximising the elimination of leakage and improving production efficiency.

    2 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN50

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-50
    50mm gate valve made of high quality forged brass, with low resistance to flow, the medium inside the valve body is straight through, the medium flows in a straight line. The 2-inch brass gate valve is widely used in water mains, building fire fighting, ground heating of machinery and garden irrigation.

    2" Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

    Purchase pneumatic knife gate valve for opening and closing pipelines, with a nominal diameter of 2 inches and a pressure range of 1 to 1.6 MPa. The stainless steel pneumatic knife gate valve is mainly composed of a valve body and gate plate, with a compact design and short structural length, saving installation space and effectively supporting pipeline strength.

    2-1/2" Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

    The pneumatic knife gate valve is a gate valve used to quickly cut off or open a pipeline. The knife gate valve has a 2-1/2" (65mm) bore size and is made of stainless steel. The 2-1/2" pneumatic knife gate valve is suitable for use in the piping of sugar pulp, paper pulp, sewage, coal slurry, ash, dust, sludge, and water mixtures.

    3 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN80

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-80
    The 3 inch flange gate valve is mainly used as a cut-off medium in the pipeline, suitable for tap water, non-corrosive liquids, saturated steam and other media. Brass gate valve nominal pressure 1.6MPa, nominal diameter DN 80mm. Ergonomically designed tough handwheel, 360° rotatable, easy to operate.

    3/4 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN20

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-20
    3/4" threaded brass gate valve for water, oil and non-corrosive non-combustible gases, gate valve nominal pressure 1.6MPa. The internal medium channel of the 20mm gate valve body is straight through, and the medium flows in a straight line with small flow resistance.

    4 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN100

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-100
    100mm flange gate valve features a thickened full brass body which has a strong pressure resistance. The 4" flange gate valve has a polished surface, smooth and non-scaling, with good circulation. The brass gate valve is primarily used as a safety valve on water, gas and heating systems.

    6 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN150

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-150
    Buy a 150mm flange gate valve online, nominal pressure 1.6MPa, available for water, non-corrosive liquids, air, saturated steam, and other working media. The brass gate valve has a beautiful appearance and the connection can be flanged and threaded.

    6" Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-PKGV-150
    The 6" knife gate valve has a shear function that scrapes adhesion from the sealing surface and automatically removes debris. The stainless steel gate prevents sealing leakage caused by corrosion. The pneumatic knife gate valve has good sealing performance, high wear resistance, automatic compensation, and long service life.

    8" Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

    SKU: ATO-FC-PKGV-200
    The 8 inch pneumatic knife gate valve has a one-piece structure with full bore circulation and good sealing performance. 200mm stainless steel knife gate valve is available for dust, sewage pulp, sewage, coal slurry and other media. Pneumatic knife gate valve wide used in chemical, liquefied petroleum gas, car and ship manufacturing equipment, beer, pharmaceutical, electric power and other industries.

    10 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN250

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-250
    Compact brass gate valve with nominal diameter DN250mm, flange structure, and strong pressure resistance. The 10-inch brass gate valve works in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, and other industries for cutting off or regulating the flow in the gas pipeline systems.

    12 Inch Brass Gate Valve, DN300

    SKU: ATO-FC-BGV-300
    Purchase brass gate valves for water, air, and steam, nominal size 12 inches, nominal pressure 1.6 MPa. Flanged gate valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries due to their reliable sealing, rapid switching and high pressure resistance.