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    3" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve

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    Low price wafer knife gate valve for sale, size 3 inch, stainless steel gate valve with good shearing action, which can effectively prevent sealing leakage caused by corrosion, most suitable for slurry, powder and granular materials, fibers, and other difficult to control fluids.
    SKU: ATO-FC-KGV-80
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    The stainless steel knife gate valve is available in a pressure range of 1.6 MPa, with a bore size of 80 mm. The wafer knife gate valve has the characteristics of light switch, good sealing, good elastic memory. It is widely used in paper making, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries.


    • Nominal Diameter: 3 Inch (80mm)
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa
    • Valve Body Material: Stainless steel 304
    • Connection Form: Clamping method
    • Valve Type: F304 Flanged Wedge Type
    • Applicable Medium: Syrup, paper pulp, sewage swelling, coal slurry, ash, slag water mixture
    • Weight: 12kg


    • The wafer knife gate valve has a knife type beveled cutout, which has the function of cutting off the medium, so that the wafer knife gate valve is not blocked by the medium.
    • The wafer knife gate valve features light opening and closing, good sealing, good elastic memory and long service life.
    • The 3 inch knife gate valve has a full round passage design and can be set up with multiple flushing ports around the valve body.
    • The stainless steel knife gate valve gate can effectively prevent sealing leakage caused by corrosion.

    Dimension (Unit mm)

    Knife gate valve dimension

    DN L D D1 D2 H N-M Do
    80 46mm 195mm 160mm 135mm 315mm 4-M16 220mm


    Knife gate valves are generally used for the circulation of media such as paper pulp, coal ash, chemical materials, sewage, and foodstuffs. ATO stainless steel knife gate valve has the remarkable advantages of light switch, good sealing, good elastic memory, and long service life. It can be widely used in water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, light textile, electric power, ship metallurgy, energy system and another body pipeline as a regulating and intercepting device.Knife gate valve application

    Tips: When is it necessary to replace the sealing parts on the knife gate valve?

    Many processors today use knife gate valves in larger sizes to handle the thicker flows of light grease, heavy oil, varnish, slurry, waste water and paper pulp with greater ease. It is important to note that these valves do have low pressure restrictions and are designed to hold the blade in the elastomer seal after it has cut through the substance it is handling. Viscous liquids can easily slide through these soft seals without disturbance, however, when solids or powders pass through the knife gate, large, dry material will eventually build up into the soft seal located at the end of the gate. When this happens, the seals will eventually fail to close tightly. If this happens, the seal will need to be replaced.

    Existing reviews of 3" Stainless Steel Wafer Knife Gate Valve
    High performance and high quality
    This 3-inch stainless steel water knife gate valve is impressive. Stainless steel manufacturing ensures corrosion resistance, making it perform well in a variety of environments. Its tool brake design can quickly cut off the flow of fluid, very reliable. Clip-on installation is convenient and maintenance is relatively simple. Whether in the sewage treatment or chemical industry, it performs well to ensure smooth processes. In short, this is a high-performance, high-quality industrial valve that fully meets the needs and can be trusted.
    From: David Anderson | Date: 18/09/2023
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