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    Explosion Proof Vibration Motor

    Three phase explosion-proof vibration motor is a vibration motor that can be used in an explosive gas environment. It provides a powerful excitation source for various types of vibration machinery, and can meet the work needs of various vibration machinery, such as vibration feeders, vibration discharge machines, vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen, vibrating shakeout machine and other equipment.

    ATO explosion proof vibration motor power 120W, 500W, 3kW to 5 kW, more power can be customized, protection class IP55, insulation class F, safe operation in dangerous and explosive environments, is the preferred source of excitation for all types of machinery.

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    120W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 4 pole

    Sell explosion proof vibration motor at low price, 120W, 4 pole, 1400rpm, 380V vibrating motor provides a powerful source of vibration for the vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, vibrating blanking, and vibrating conveyor.

    500W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 2 pole

    500 Watt explosion proof vibration motor, 2 pole, force 5 kN, 2875 rpm, can operate safely in different dangerous explosive environments, enclosure protection grade IP55, able to meet the work needs of all kinds of vibration machinery.

    750W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 2 pole

    Big 3 phase explosion proof vibration motor, 750W, 2 pole, adjustable excitation force, class F insulation performance, the oil-resistant and oxidation-resistant power cord has a protective cover to prevent damage caused by long-term vibration.

    3 kW Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 2 pole

    Explosion proof vibrating motors for sale, 380V, 2 pole, 3 kW power, waterproof, strong safety performance, used in explosive gas environment. Vibration motor has low noise and strong power, which is an ideal choice for use as a vibration source.

    5.5 kW Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 4 pole

    Heavy duty explosion proof vibration motor force 84 kN, 4 pole, 1450 rpm, can be used in hazardous locations where flammable and explosive gases exist. Meet the needs of various types of vibration machinery such as vibrating feeders, vibrating ore dischargers, vibrating conveyors, and vibrating screens.