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    120W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 4 pole

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    Sell explosion proof vibration motor at low price, 120W, 4 pole, 1400rpm, 380V vibrating motor provides a powerful source of vibration for the vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, vibrating blanking, and vibrating conveyor.
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    Electric vibrating motor 120 watt power, 380 volt, 3 phase, explosion-proof design, can be used in explosive atmospheres, the vibration motor has stable performance and long service life.


    Model ATO-EPNM-VBB-34
    Power 120W
    Rated Current 0.57A
    Voltage 380V
    Phase 3 Phase
    Pole 4 Pole
    Speed 1400 rpm
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Force 2.5 kN
    Insulation Class F
    Protection Level IP55
    Weight 37kg
    Certificate CE

    120 Watt Explosion Proof Vibration Motor Dimension (unit: mm)
    120W explosion proof vibration motor dimension

    A B AB BB D L J G H HD d Bolt
    170 100 200 195 180 370 50 14 100 249 14 M12

    4 Pole Explosion Proof Vibration Motor Applications
    Vibration motor applications


    120W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor Details

    Tips: What causes the explosion proof vibration motor to overload?

    1. When the balance weights on both sides are inconsistent, or the balance weight is not tightened to cause rotation, the load keeps changing, and the load is large or small during operation, which will overload the explosion-proof vibration motor and cause the vibration motor winding to overheat.

    2. When the explosion-proof vibration motor is not matched and the load power of the vibration motor is greater than the rated power, long-term overload operation will cause the vibration motor to overheat.

    3. Check the external power supply voltage, if the voltage is too low, it may cause this phenomenon.

    The explosion-proof vibration motor is very sensitive to the fluctuation of the power supply voltage. During the running time, if the voltage drop is too much, its overload capacity and starting torque will be reduced, and even the phenomenon of not moving the load or starting at all will occur. In order to ensure the vibration motor For normal operation and effective protection, the coordination between the vibration motor and the protection device must be considered. Especially when small-capacity vibration motors are used in large-capacity power grids, the coordination of protection is more prominent.

    Existing reviews of 120W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor, 4 pole
    The motor was being tested at 80C. The controller was in a 25C room.
    The motor was being tested at 80C. The controller was in a 25C room.
    From: james | Date: 26/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The temperature of 80°C is already too high. In addition, if you hang the driver there and test it, if you use it incorrectly, the motor temperature will be higher, and the motor temperature will definitely exceed 100°C.  Because the temperature of the motor is high, the temperature of the driver is high. It can Not be used like this. The maximum operating ambient temperature of this motor should Not exceed 40°C. To use a motor in an 80°C environment, a specially customized motor is required.
    I need a vibrating motor that is also silent
    Hello, I need a vibrating motor that is also silent. Can you recommend one?
    Perhaps one under $500 dollars.
    If not, please suggest one DC and whatever capacity under $500 dollars.
    If not, I am open to suggestions. Actually AC works as well.
    The most important thing is that it is silent, available voltage up to 220 V, 50 or 60Hz.
    AC 1-phase 220v works and must be silent.
    OK, thanks. Can you also send me AC 1-110V or 120V please?
    From: arvin | Date: 13/06/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately, we do not provide silent vibration motors.
    All of our vibrating motors have sound, and the noise is within an acceptable range.
    We have no suitable product recommendations.
    Powerful 120W Explosion Proof Vibration Motor
    The 120W explosion-proof vibration motor arrived tightly packed, and all the parts and accessories are protected well. This vibration motor is powerful enough for my job. I recommend it to everyone.
    From: Lasha | Date: 27/03/2023
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    High quality 120W explosion proof vibration motor
    After I received this 120W explosion proof vibration motor, I will not be able to wire it, and the seller patiently explained how to wire it. After the motor is energized, the vibration is very strong and there is no noise, and it is praised by five stars.
    From: Lopaka | Date: 05/12/2021
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