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    1 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    High quality and good price 1 hp sewage submersible pump for sale online. Sewage submersible pump 1 hp with 10m rated head and 2 inch inlet size. Portable lifting ring and full copper wire of industrial sewage pump, making 1 hp sewage pump more convenient to use. Sewage pump widely used in sewage treatment plant drainage system.

    1.5 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SSP-015HP
    Favorable price heavy duty sewage pump with 1.5 hp rated power and 380V rated voltage. 10m rated head of sewage pump 1.5 hp, maximun underwater penetration is 30m. 1.5 hp sewage pump often used in pond pumping, farm irrigation and commercial effluent discharge.

    2 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    2 hp submersible sewage pump at affordable price for sale online. Rated head of 1.5 kW sewage pump can reach 15m. Submersible wastewater pump with compact structure, small volume, easy to move and easy to install. 2 hp sewage pump for septic tank is the common application.

    3 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Good price 3 hp dirty water sewage pump for sale online. 2.2 kW rated power and 22m rated head of this submersible sewage water pump. Commercial sewage pump with all copper motor, waterproof power cord and strong power. Sewage pump 3 hp can be used in sewage discharge from hospital and hotel.

    4 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    High efficiency and good performance 4 hp industrial sewage pump at affordable price. High head sewage pump can reach 25m. 2 inch inlet size and 30m underwater penetration of 3 kW heavy duty sewage pump. 3 phase sewage pump applies in pond pumping and farm irrigation.

    5.5 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SSP-055HP
    Submersible sewage water pump with 5.5 hp rated power for sale. 30m rated head with this submersible sewage pump. Stable operation, long life, large flow, high head sewage pump with competitive price. Thickened pump body, rust resistant and knock resistant.

    7.5 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    SKU: ATO-SSP-075HP
    7.5 hp home sewage pump with cheap price for sale online. 40m rated head of high head sewage pump. Thicker cast iron body for longer service life of 5.5 kW submersible sewage water pump. All coppor motor and waterproof power cord can effectively protect the submersible sewage pump.

    10 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Lower cost 10 hp 3 phase sewage pump with all copper motor and high quality silicon steel sheet. High precision bearing of 7.5 kW industrial sewage pump, low noise, stable operation, small loss and long service life. Heavy duty sewage pump applies in construction work and sewage treatment.

    15 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Affordable price 15 hp sewage pump for sale online. 3 phase sewage pump with 30m rated head and 3 inch inlet size. 3 inch submersible effluent pump adopts anti-clogging hydraulic component design to improve the sewage passing capacity. Submersible sewage pump can be used in pond pumping and chemical plant.

    20 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Favorable price submersible sewage pump with 20 hp rated power and 3 inch inlet size. 15 kW home sewage pump with precision sealing ring, good maintenance and aging resistance, durable wear resistance, do not corrode metal. Portable lifting rings and copper wire ensure the quality of submersible sewage water pump.

    25 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Economical price home sewage pump with 25 hp rated power for sale online. 3 inch inlet size and 45m rated head of 18.5 kW residential sewer pump. 25 hp submersible sewage pump with full copper wire, strong power and low temperature rise.

    30 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Competitive price 30 hp submersible sewage pump for sale. High head sewage pump with 75m rated head. High precision rotor, higher efficiency, stable operation and long service life of this heavy duty sewage pump. Cast iron sewage pump applies in river drainage and farm irrigation.

    40 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Good price submersible wastewater pump with waterproof power cord and all copper motor for sale online. 45m rated head of high head sewage pump, satisfy the requirements of engineering use. Unique impeller structure and new mechanical seal of 40 hp industrial sewage pump, effectively conveying long fiber.

    50 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    Lower price 50 hp heavy duty sewage pump with 50m rated head for sale. The submersible effluent pump has a lift ring and a thickened cast iron body. Sewage pump is durable and can run for 8000 hours. 37 kW sewage water submersible pump applies in pond pumping and coal processing industry.

    60 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

    High lift and affordable price heavy duty sewage pump with 60 hp rated power and 57m rated head. 45 kW submersible sewage pump with full copper coil, high precision rotor, bearing and sealing ring. Low noise and smooth operation make submersible sewage water pump long service life. 60 hp industrial sewage pump often used in drainage station and sewage treatment plant.

    Sewage pump is a pump and motor connected, and at the same time diving into the liquid pump products. Industrial sewage pump with compact structure, easy installation and maintenance. Large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices can be installed automatically, continuous operation for a long time. Because of the coaxial pump and motor of 3 phase sewage pump, the rotating parts are light and the service life is longer than the general pump.

    ATO offers a variety of submersible sewage pumps, such as 1 hp sewage submersible pump, 1.5 hp sewage submersible pump, 2 hp sewage submersible pump, 3 hp sewage pump and so on. Industrial sewage pump for septic tank is the common application. Heavy duty sewage pump is often found at drainage station and sewage treatment plant.

    Sewage Pump vs. Grinder Pump

    Grinder pump and sewage pump

    Sewage Pump

    Sewage pumps can manage some solids-handling ability, but there are some limitations. This kind of pump is frequently utilized with basement toilets to pump the sewage up into the sewage system lines for the house with the solids still intact, or if a home lies in a low area and sewage must be pumped uphill into a city sewage system or septic tank.

    Some sewage pumps are grinder pumps, but not all. Grinder pumps are a subtype of sewage pumps. Normally speaking, sewage pumps that are not grinder pumps can move sewage solids as much as 2 inches in diameter that are simple to break down or dissolve. Harder material will cause clogs and substantial wear and tear on the pump. Nevertheless, a general sewage pump that is not a grinder pump is generally cheaper and draws less power. This likewise means that the pump is unable to move sewage to as high of a point as a grinder pump has the ability to do.

    Grinder Pump

    Grinder pumps consist of a cutting mechanism that can chop the harder solids into smaller pieces, creating a loose mixture that can more quickly travel through pipelines. Because the loose mixture is relatively fine, it can be pumped to a greater elevation than basic sewage pumps. For this reason, grinder pumps tend to utilize more power and are more expensive. Though they can deal with harder solids, they can still break down, so it’s essential to just flush products that belong in a toilet still.

    Sewage Pump Replacement Signal:

    Sewage pump replacement signal

    With continual use, almost every industrial sewage pump will fail or at least run into issues at some point. The key is to educate yourself on the warning signs of a heavy duty sewage pump failure. That way, you will all be aware when something is wrong, and you will be able to seek pump repair or replacement early on before there is a chance for any more severe damage to take place. There are three signals that you need to replace a new submersible sewage water pump.

    1. Dealing with dirty water. One of the first things to be on the lookout for is dirty water running through your systems. The whole purpose of having a sewage pump, no matter the exact type, is to regularly filter clean, clear water into your operations. When that isn't happening and you're getting dirty, murky water instead.
    2. Industrial sewage pump won't start or struggles to start. It is also an issue if it struggles or is slow to start. There are a variety of reasons that this issue could pop up. It could be the result of anything from electrical problems to frayed wires to a blown fuse. It could also be the case that your pump has simply "given out".
    3. Submersible sewage pump is constantly cycling. If you find that your pump constantly seems to be cycling, so much so that you can never really determine what stage it is. The issue could be a poorly or improperly adjusted switch, a burnt-out motor, or issues communicating commands to turn on or off.

    How Does a Sewage Pump Work?

    Sewage pumps today can work in a variety of ways to transport waste downhill, uphill, across level ground or some combination thereof. Above-grade sewage pumps rely on gravity to send sewage downhill to a sewer line or septic holding tank. Submersible sewage pumps and any sewage pump that is installed below the transport line will need to use a pump to move the waste to its next destination. The pumping and transport mechanism can differ depending on the type of waste being handled. Because sewage pumps need to handle both liquids and some degree of solid waste, the pump mechanism typically uses a centrifugal motion that generates kinetic energy to keep the waste moving through and out of the pump and into the transport line.