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    1.5 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase

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    Favorable price heavy duty sewage pump with 1.5 hp rated power and 380V rated voltage. 10m rated head of sewage pump 1.5 hp, maximun underwater penetration is 30m. 1.5 hp sewage pump often used in pond pumping, farm irrigation and commercial effluent discharge.
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    1.5 hp submersible sewage pump with 380V rated voltage for sale. The submersible sewage pump adopts large flow channel anti-clogging hydraulic component design, which greatly improves the sewage passing capacity.


    • Reasonable design, reasonable matching motor, high efficiency.
    • Cast iron sewage pump with compact structure, small volume, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build pump room.
    • Double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to the sewage pump installation and maintenance has brought great convenience.
    • Large flow channel anti-clogging hydraulic parts design, greatly improve the ability of sewage through, can effectively through the sewage pump diameter of 5 times the fiber material and the diameter of about 50% of the submersible sewage pump diameter solid particles.
    • Mechanical seal adopts double series seal, material is hard corrosion resistant tungsten carbide, durable, wear-resistant, can make the industrial sewage pump safe continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.


    • Model: 50WQ-10-15-1.1
    • Rated Power: 1.5 hp (1.1 kW)
    • Rated Voltage: 380V (Please contact us if you need other voltage)
    • Rated Flow: 10 m3/h
    • Rated Head: 15m
    • Inlet Size: 2 inch
    • Caliber: 50 mm
    • Underwater Penetration (Max): 30m
    • Motor Phase: 3 phase
    • Body Material: Cast iron
    • Rotate Speed: 2860 r/min
    • Outlet Pressure: 0.1 MPa
    • Weight: 20 kg

    Submersible Sewage Pump Structure:

    Structure of sewage pump

    Tips: Benefits of Sewage Pump

    • Reduces the threat of mildew and molds. This happens due to the continual dampness of the inside of your basement due to stagnant pools, which contribute to the growth of mildew and molds. The molds and mildew pose health problems and damage your building material.
    • Prevent damages due to flooding that is because of heavy rains, which triggers your basement to flood. With a sewage pump, you can be able to avoid disasters that occur due to flooding in the basement.
    • Reduces the risk of fire, water short-circuits appliances in your basement, for instance, the water heaters, heating system, and the laundry machines. Consequently, water is able to start a fire which is very dangerous and disastrous. With a sewage pump, you can be able to keep water away from equipment that can cause fires in your house.
    Existing reviews of 1.5 HP Submersible Sewage Pump, 3 Phase
    For my sister's basement
    I bought this as an exact replacement for the one in my sister's sewage ejector in her basement. My sister used it for three months and she thought this sewage pump was very good.
    From: Jeffy | Date: 28/12/2022
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    I love this submersible sewage pump
    After using this 1.5 hp submersible sewage pump, my work efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, the submersible sewage pump produces very little noise. I love this submersible sewage pump.
    From: Joherry | Date: 12/08/2022
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    Works perfectly
    Works perfectly. This 1.5 hp submersible sewage pump removes water from an irrigation ditch, pushes the water through a 3/4" hose. Saves a lot of time over using the previous 0.5 hp pump.
    From: Farrah | Date: 28/06/2022
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