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    Alcohol Gas Sensor, 25ppm to 500ppm

    SKU: ATO-GS-3Q
    This gas sensor has high sensitivity to alcohol gas and can resist interference from gasoline, smoke, and vapor. Quality semiconductor alcohol gas sensor has a detection range of 25ppm to 500ppm, widely used in household alcohol gas alarms, industrial alcohol gas alarms and portable alcohol detectors.

    Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor, 5ppm to 5000ppm

    SKU: ATO-GS-702B
    The provided Carbon Monoxide gas sensor uses a simple circuit to convert conductivity changes in gas concentration into corresponding output signals. MEMS CO gas sensor with a detection range 5ppm to 5000ppm is a good choice for carbon monoxide leak detection in residential or industrial applications.

    Flammable Gas Sensor, 300ppm to 10000ppm

    High-quality gas sensor has good sensitivity to flammable gases and smoke from 300ppm to 10000ppm. This combustible gas sensor has long life, low cost and simple drive circuit, used for household gas leak alarms, industrial combustible gas alarms and portable gas detectors.

    Infrared CO2 Sensor Module, UART/ PWM output

    Resonale price Infrared CO2 sensor module with UART/ PWM two output signal for selection, available measuring range 400~2000 ppm/ 400~5000 ppm/ 400~10000 ppm, working voltage 5VDC. The NDIR CO2 sensor can be used to monitor production processes in smart homes, agricultural greenhouses and animal husbandry.

    Ozone (O3) Detection Sensor, 10ppb to 1000ppb

    SKU: ATO-GS-131
    Ozone gas sensors for sale online. It has high sensitivity to Ozone and also has certain sensitivity to strong oxidizing gases such as Chlorine and Nitrogen Dioxide. Ozone (O3) detection sensor, with a detection range of 10ppb to 1000ppb, widely used in household Ozone concentrations exceeding alarm alarms, industrial Ozone concentrations exceeding alarm alarms, etc.

    Smoke Gas Sensor, 200ppm to 10000ppm

    Semiconductor gas sensor can detect Propane (C3H8) and smoke at the same time, good sensitivity to LPG, smoke range 200ppm to 10000ppm, long service life and simple circuit. Cheap smoke gas sensor is suitable for use in household smoke leak alarms, industrial smoke gas alarms and portable smoke detectors.

    Smoke Sensor Module, TTL Output

    SKU: ATO-GS-13
    Smoke sensor module uses advanced chip thick film semiconductor gas sensors, which have extremely high sensitivity to smoke, propane, and other gases, TTL level output, self-diagnosis of faults, low power consumption, and long life. Cost-effective smoke sensor module is widely used in Household smoke alarms, industrial smoke alarms and portable smoke detection instruments.

    Methane (CH4) Sensor, 0 to 5% Vol

    SKU: ATO-ICDS-741A
    Econimical price methane sensor with wide measuring range from 0 to 100% VOL, working voltage 5 VDC, interface level 3V. The infrared methane sensor adopts the principle of infrared absorption, reliable performance, long life and the adjustment period is more than 1 year.

    NDIR CO2 Gas Sensor, 0 to 2000/ 5000 ppm

    Lower cost NDIR CO2 sensor for sale online. The carbon dioxide sensor with wide range measuring range from 0 to 5000 ppm, working voltage 5VDC, UART/ PWM two output signal can be chosen. Infrared carbon dioxide sensors are widely used in various occasions where flammable and explosive gases exist.

    Methane Sensor, 0 to 100% Vol

    SKU: ATO-ICDS-7042A
    High-accuracy methane sensor with measuring range from 0 to 100% Vol, working voltage 5 VDC, interface level 3V. The methane CH4 sensor is widely used for industrial field instrumentation, industrial-process control and safety protection.

    NDIR CO2 Sensor Module, 0 to 10000 ppm

    High accuracy NDIR CO2 sensor module has optional measuring range of 0~10000ppm, UART/ PWM two output signals are optional. A carbon dioxide sensor is a high-performance product that closely combines mature infrared absorption gas detection technology with precise optical path design and precise circuit design.

    Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor, 0 to 1000ppm

    SKU: ATO-GS-ACM3000
    Factory price CO gas sensor provides electrochemical principle, 0ppm to 1000ppm detection range, high sensitivity, low power consumption, fast response & recovery and simple driving circuit, perfect for Carbon Monoxide leak detection for residential or industrial use.

    Gas Sensor, Methane(CH4)/Hydrogen(H2)/Carbon Monoxide(CO)/TVOC

    The gas sensor is based on the MEMS principle and comes with low power consumption, high sensitivity and simple drive circuit. Factory price gas leak sensor is designed to measure Hydrogen H2 (30~3000ppm), Methane CH4 (1 %LEL~25%LEL ), Carbon Monoxide CO (50~1000ppm) and TVOC (50~5000ppm) concentration.

    Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Sensor, 0 to 100ppm

    SKU: ATO-GS-ASH3000
    Hot selling Hydrogen Sulfide H2S gas sensor is an electrochemical sensor. With fast response, strong stability, high linearity, and low power consumption, this gas sensor is suitable for Hydrogen Sulfide detection in industrial sites and environmental protection fields, portable H2S detection monitors and fixed H2S detectors, etc.

    NDIR CO2 Sensor Module, 400-2000/ 5000/ 10000 ppm

    Cost-effective NDIR CO2 sensor module has optional measuring range 0/400~2000/ 5000/ 10000, peak current 125 mA, average current less than 40 mA, UART/ PWM/ 0.4-2V DC three output signals for selection. CO2 gas sensor built-in temperature compensation; digital output and analog voltage output at the same time, easy to use.

    Oxygen (O2) Gas Sensor, 0~100%

    SKU: ATO-GS-O2
    Buy an O2 sensor for Oxygen gas detection. Electrochemical working principle, 0~100% measurement range, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed. 3 types of Oxygen (O2) gas sensors can work without an external power supply and are available to choose from according to your application area.

    Industrial NDIR CO2 Sensor for HVAC, 0 to 2000/ 6000 ppm

    SKU: ATO-ICDS-411D
    Industrial NDIR CO2 sensor at affordale price for sale. The CO2 sensor HVAC with measuring range 0~2000 ppm/ 0~6000 ppm/ 0~1% VOL/ 0~3% VOL/ 0~5% VOL can be chosen, UART/ analog voltage signal two output method are available. The industrial CO2 sensor is widely used for HVAC refrigeration, industrial-process control and safety protection, agriculture and animal husbandry.

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor for Home, 0 to 1%/ 3%/ 5% Vol

    SKU: ATO-ICDS-711A
    Carbon dioxide sensor online for sale at reasonable price. NDIR CO2 sensor has optional wide mesuring range from 0 to 5% Vol, working voltage 4.5~5.5VDC, IIC/ 0.4-2V DC two output signals, fast response time less tha 30 seconds. Infrared co2 sensor is widely used for industrial field instrumentation, industrial-process control and safety protection.