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    Programmable Logic Controller

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    PLC Controller, 10/14/20/30/48/60 I/O, Relay/Transistor Output

    Economical Programmable Logic Controller is a basic PLC for sequential control and simple communication monitoring, supplied with AC power 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz, program capacity 4k steps, selectable in the I/O points of 10/14/16/20/24/30/32/40/48/60, relay or transistor output type, cost-friendly and highly reliable.

    Programmable Logic Controller, 16/24/32/40/60 I/O, Relay/Transistor Output

    Low price PLC Programmable Logic Controller for sale, high-speed 32-bit CPU, 16 / 20 / 24/ 32 / 40 / 60 I/O points, 16k steps program capacity and 10k data register built-in 1 RS-232 and 2 RS-485 ports, 100 ~ 240V AC power supply. PLC controller has digital input & relay or transistor output, providing 8 - 36 input points and 8 - 24 output points, high capability and fast logic operation, a perfect solution for controlling your automation systems.

    Programmable Logic Controller, 16/20/32/40/48/64/80 I/O

    High-performance PLC has large program capacity (30k steps) and data registers (12k words), with 16/20/32/40/48/64/80 I/O points, relay or transistor output, two differential output available in DVP32EH00M3/MT and 4 axes of 200kHz pulse output in DVP40/48/64/80EH00T3. This series of programmable logic controller features excellent motion control, complete program protection, and flexible function extension modules & cards, best for more demanding and complex applications.

    PLC Motion Controller, 3-Axis/4-Axis

    PLC motion controller PM series can execute basic instructions, applied instructions, motion instructions with program capacity up to 64k steps and data register 10k words, offering 4-axis linear interpolation or 3-axis linear/arc/helical interpolation (based on models). Different models of motion controllers support different program frameworks and functions, to suit your different applications.

    Programmable logic controller (PLC) is a kind of digital operation electronic system specially designed for the industrial applications. It uses a programmable data register, which stores instructions for performing logical operations, sequence control, timing, counting, arithmetic operations and so on. PLC controls various types of mechanical equipment or production process through digital or analog input and output. ATO online store offers you Delta's DVP series programmable logic controllers with high speed, stability and reliability, applicable for various industrial automation machines. The PLC controllers features fast logic operation, bountiful instructions and multiple function cards, and supports various communication protocols, making it cost-effective control solution for AC motor drive, servo, human machine interface and temperature controller.