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    PLC Controller, 10/14/20/30/48/60 I/O, Relay/Transistor Output

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    Economical Programmable Logic Controller is a basic PLC for sequential control and simple communication monitoring, supplied with AC power 100 ~ 240V 50/60Hz, program capacity 4k steps, selectable in the I/O points of 10/14/16/20/24/30/32/40/48/60, relay or transistor output type, cost-friendly and highly reliable.
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    Basic PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) DVP-EC3 is the most economical solution for sequence control and simple RS-485/Modbus communication.


    • Built-in I/O: 10/14/16/20/24/30/32/40/48/60
    • Program capacity: 4k steps
    • COM port: Built-in RS232 & RS485 ports (10/14 I/O models do not support RS485), compatibale with Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol
    • Support 2 points (Y0, Y1) of independent high-speed (max. 10kHz) pulse output


    Model ATO-DVP-EC3
    Built-in I/O 10 / 14 / 16 / 20 / 24 / 30 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 60
    Power Supply 100 ~ 240V AC (-15% ~ +10%), 50/60Hz ±5%
    Operation ATO-DVP-EC3 series PLC starts to run when the power supply rises to 95-100V AC and stops when the power supply  drops down to 70V AC.
    It continues running for 10ms after the power is cut off.
    Power Supply Fuse 2A / 250V AC
    Power Consumption 10/14/16 I/O: 12VA
    20/24/30/32/40 I/O: 15.6VA
    48/60 I/O: 22.5VA
    DC 24V Current Output *1 10/14/16 I/O: 200mA
    20/24/30/32/40 I/O: 300mA
    48/60 I/O: 400mA
    Power Supply Protection DC 24V output short circuit protection
    Voltage Withstand 1500VAC (Primary-secondary), 1500VAC (Primary-PE), 500VAC (Secondary-PE)
    Insulation Resistance >5MΩ at 500VDC (between all I/O points and ground)
    Noise Immunity ESD (IEC 61131-2, IEC 61000-4-2): 8kV Air Discharge
    EFT (IEC 61131-2, IEC 61000-4-4): Power Line: 2kV, Digital I/O: 1kV, Analog & Communication I/O: 1kV
    RS (IEC 61131-2, IEC 61000-4-3): 26MHz ~ 1GHz, 10V/m
    Grounding The diameter of grounding wire shall not be less than that of L, N terminal of the power supply.
    (When many PLCs are in use at the same time, please make sure every PLC is properly grounded.)
    Environment Operation: 0°C~55°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity), pollution degree 2
    Storage: -25°C~70°C (temperature), 5~95% (humidity)
    Approvals UL508, European community EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC
    Vibration/Shock Immunity International standards: IEC61131-2, IEC 68-2-6 (TEST Fc)/ IEC61131-2 & IEC 68-2-27 (TEST Ea)
    RS485 Port 10/14 I/O models do not support RS485, other models is available
    Weight See below "Selection Table"
    *1. It is suggested that the power output should not be supplied to HMIs.

    Selection Table

    Model Builit-in I/O Number of Inputs
    Number of Outputs
    Output Type
    COM Port Weight
    DVP10EC00R3 10 6 4 Relay RS-232 205g
    DVP10EC00T3 10 6 4 Transistor RS-232 192g
    DVP14EC00R3 14 8 6 Relay RS-232 210g
    DVP14EC00T3 14 8 6 Transistor RS-232 195g
    DVP16EC00R3 16 8 8 Relay RS-232/RS-485 220g
    DVP16EC00T3 16 8 8 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 198g
    DVP20EC00R3 20 12 8 Relay RS-232/RS-485 310g
    DVP20EC00T3 20 12 8 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 285g
    DVP24EC00R3 24 12 12 Relay RS-232/RS-485 322g
    DVP24EC00T3 24 12 12 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 288g
    DVP30EC00R3 30 18 12 Relay RS-232/RS-485 325g
    DVP30EC00T3 30 18 12 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 290g
    DVP32EC00R3 32 16 16 Relay RS-232/RS-485 340g
    DVP32EC00T3 32 16 16 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 295g
    DVP40EC00R3 40 24 16 Relay RS-232/RS-485 380g
    DVP40EC00T3 40 24 16 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 340g
    DVP48EC00R3 48 28 20 Relay RS-232/RS-485 540g
    DVP48EC00T3 48 28 20 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 505g
    DVP60EC00R3 60 36 24 Relay RS-232/RS-485 560g
    DVP60EC00T3 60 36 24 Transistor RS-232/RS-485 510g

    PLC I/O Point Specification

    Input Points
    Input Point No. X0 ~ X3 X4 ~ X17 X20 ~  #1
    Input Point Type Digital input
    Input Form DC (SINK or SOURCE)
    Input Currrent 24VDC, 5mA
    Max. Input Frequency 20kHz 10kHz 60Hz
    Action Level Off → On >15VDC
    On → Off < 5VDC
    Response Time Off → On < 25μs < 50μs < 10ms
    On → Off < 10μs < 20μs < 15ms
    Filter Time X0 ~ X17 Approx. 10ms (0~20ms adjustable in D1020, D1021)
    Output Points
    Output Point Type Relay - R Transistor - T
    Voltage Specification < 240VAC, 30VDC 5 ~ 30VDC #2
    Max. Output Frequency 1Hz Normal inputs 10kHz #4
    Maximum Load Resistive 2A/point (5A/COM) 0.5A/1 point (4A/ZP)
    Inductive #3 15W (30VDC)
    Lamp 20W DC/100W AC 2.5W (30VDC)
    Response Time Off → On Approx. 10ms < 30μs < 20μs
    On → Off < 350μs < 50μs
    #1. Please refer to “I/O Terminal Layouts” for the max. X/Y No. on each model.
    #2. UP, ZP must work with external auxiliary power supply 24V DC (-15% ~ +20%), rated consumption approx. 1mA/point.
    #3. Life curves
    PLC Controller Life Curve
    #4. The maximum frequency is applicable to Y0-Y3 in all DVP-EC3 series PLCs, and other output terminals are general terminals.


    EC3 Series Programmable Logic Controller Dimensions

    Model 10EC00R/T3 14EC00R/T3 16EC00R/T3 20EC00R/T3 24EC00R/T3 30EC00R/T3 32EC00R/T3 40EC00R/T3 48EC00R/T3 60EC00R/T3
    L 95 150 164 240
    L1 86 141 155 231


    Existing reviews of PLC Controller, 10/14/20/30/48/60 I/O, Relay/Transistor Output
    PLC controller controls smoothly
    I am using a PLC controller to control the speed and simple communication monitoring. The PLC controller runs and controls very smoothly, and I strongly recommend it to friends around me.
    From: Rogers | Date: 16/03/2021
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