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    Programmable Timer Relay, 8-Input 8-Output, 12V/24V DC

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    8-input 8-output programmable timer relay, with 12V or 24V DC supply voltage, can work as simple PLC, with intelligent and humanized control, easy to learn, understand and operate. Optional 3 output forms of transistor DC output, transistor AC output and relay output. Input compatible with PNP/NPN. High reliability and competitive price.
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    This programmable timer relay is an all-in-one device with simple PLC function, 8 inputs & 8 outputs and 12 to 24V DC power supply, high quality but low price.


    • Independent control - It can replace 8 single-channel timer relays and each is controlled independently. The time accuracy is 0.1 second.
    • Linkage control - The programmable timer relay can be used in any combination of multi-channels without synchronization error caused by multipe single-channel timer relays. Loops can be nested arbitrarily.
    • Calendar timing - Support daily (0123456 is valid) ×× Hrs ×× Min - ×× Hrs ×× Min, and × Month × - × Day × - × Hrs timing control.
    • Simple PLC - The controller supports simple logic operations, allowing 8 switch input function to be customized, and conditional timing function.
    • Offline management - No need to connect the computer and mobile phone, the simple PLC can edit and set directly on the control panel with high-definition LCD display, easy to operation.


    Model ATO-TIMER-16PLC
    Number of Inputs 8
    Number of Outputs 8
    Output Form (Optional) Transistor DC output: 3A 10V DC ~ 30V DC
    Transistor AC output: 3A 12V AC ~ 250V AC
    Relay output: 5A 277VAC/ 30VDC
    Input Form Compatible PNP/NPN
    Mechanical Life 3 million times
    Operating Voltage * 12V DC or 24V DC
    Operating Current <200mA
    Rated Power 5W
    Integer Error ≤1%
    Repeatability Error ≤1%
    Installation DIN-rail mounting
    Certificate RoHS, FCC
    Dimension 145*90*40mm
    Weight 0.38kg

    * The loads need to be powered separately from the programmable timer relay, especially when the supply voltages are different between them.

    Input & Output Spec

    • Input
      Can be connected to various switch inputs such as push button switches, proximity switches, photoelectric switches, relays, sensors, etc. It has built-in 5V pull-up and over-current and over voltage protections.
    • Output
      Can be connected to a variety of switching loads, constant speed motors, contactors, solenoid valves, relays, LEDs, cylinders, etc.

    Programmable Timer Relay Input Output Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram

    • Transistor DC Output

    Programmable timer relay with DC output wiring diagram

    • Transistor AC Output

    Programmable timer relay with AC output wiring diagram

    • Relay Output

    Programmable timer relay with relay output wiring diagram

    Tips: Difference between Relay and Transistor Output of Programmable Timer Relay

    The programmable timer relay generally has two kinds of output form - relay output and transistor output. Any differences between them?

    The relay output is a dry contact, which can be directly connected to the DC load, or can be connected to the AC load, and the load capacity is also considerably larger (generally with a load of about 5A).

    The output of the transistor is not limited by the number of uses (no physical contact), as long as it is used within its range of use without considering the number of uses, and the response speed is fast (3K in one second), but the load capacity is weak (generally around 1A).

    Taking the 16-in 16-out programmable timer relay (simple PLC) as example, these videos will show you some basic setting or instructions including on-delay setting, timer and counter.

    1. Programmable Timer Relay (Simple PLC) Overview

    2. Programmable Timer Relay for On-Delay Setting

    3. Simple PLC (Programmable Timer Relay) Timer Function

    4. Counter Instructions in Simple PLC (Programmable Timer Relay)

    Existing reviews of Programmable Timer Relay, 8-Input 8-Output, 12V/24V DC
    I really like to use it.
    This programmable timer relay meets all my needs at work. I like to use it very much, and I will continue to buy it if I need it in the future.
    From: Wgaranti | Date: 23/11/2021
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    I am looking for a suitable programmable timer relay
    I am looking for a programmable controller / timer that will control up to 8 independent electromagnetic rotary latches. The latches will operate a series of 8 lightweight doors that will open at pre-programmed intervals throughout the day, and repeat the cycle each day.
    The latches I have operate with 12-24V DC ≤1 A. I would prefer that the timer / controller be plug in AC power, but DC power will also work.
    From: olaf | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    We recommend this model SKU: ATO-TIMER-16PLC, please refer to the link:
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