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    Programmable Timer Relay, 12-Input 12-Output, 24V DC

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    Brand new programmable timer relay, works as both multiple timer relays and a simple PLC controller for independent control and high accuracy, 12-in and 12-out relay output, compatible with PNP/NPN switching signal. Optional analog input/output 0~20mA, 0~10V, 485 Modbus. 24V DC power supply, easy-to-read LCD display, convenient DIN rail mounting, easy to operate, high performance and affordable price.
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    This 12-in 12-out simple programmable PLC controller (programmable timer relay) is an an all-in-one device with 12 relays output, and optional 485 Modbus output and 2-channel analog input/output. Simple operation, powerful function and widely used in automation industry.


    • Can replace ordinary PLC
      The custom button simulates the start, pause and emergency stop function. Multiple switch inputs can be connected to various sensors, realize the logic operation of PLC action flow, custom programming of output functions, and independent or combined timing functions for multiple time periods.
    • Can work as multiple timer relays
      The programmable timer relay can achieve any combination of year, month, date, day of the week, time, etc., to trigger a series of specific actions.
    • Can replace PLC analog current module voltage module
      With analog unit calculation, the simple PLC can realize programming intuitively.
    • Program encryption
      The set program can be encrypted to avoid being changed by others.
    • Offline management
      No need to connect the computer and mobile phone, can edit and set directly on the control panel with high-definition LCD display, easy to operation.


    Model ATO-TIMER-24PLC
    Number of Inputs 12
    Number of Outputs 12
    Output Type Relay type
    Power Supply * 10W (<300mA/ 24V DC)
    The power supply port has reverse connection protection.
    Input voltage is not greater than 28V.
    Output Form 12 relays (Normally Open)
    Output Load 5A/250V AC, 5A/30V DC
    Contact Life Electrical life: 100,000 times
    Mechanical life: 3 million times
    Input Signal >2mA/12-24V DC, compatible PNP/NPN switching signal
    Analog Input (Optional) 0~20mA, 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V
    Limit input range: voltage<33V, current<30mA (continuous input value)
    Analog Output (Optional) 0~20mA (24V output), 4~20mA (24V output), 0~5V, 0~10V
    Integer Error ≤1%
    Repeatability Error ≤1%
    Installation DIN-rail mounting
    Certificate RoHS, FCC
    Dimension 145*90*40mm
    Weight 0.5kg

    * The output termianls require additional power supply. especially when the supply voltage of the simple PLC is different from supply voltage of loads.

    Input & Output Spec

    • Input
      The simple PLC can be connected to various switch-isolated inputs such as push buttons, proximity switches,cylinder magnetic switches, relay contacts, photoelectric sensors, Hall sensors, etc. It has built-in 5V pull-up and over-current and over voltage protections.
      For the simple PLC with analog input, it  can also support the transmitter, current and voltage module and other signal access, with analog input range (0~20mA, 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V).
    • Output
      It can be connected to various switching loads, like contactors, solenoid valves, relays, LEDs, alarm devices, etc. The model with analog output can also be controlled by 0-10V to the frequency converter to adjust speed etc.

    Wiring Diagram

    12-in 12-out programmable timer relay controlling DC load wiring diagram

    12-in 12-out programmable timer relay controlling AC load wiring diagram

    Tips: Differences between PLC and Relay Control

    In the programming language of PLC, ladder diagram is the most widely used language. Through the PLC instruction, the ladder diagram is converted into the program that PLC can accept, then entering into the PLC user storage area by the programmer. The trapezoidal diagram and relay control schematic diagram is very similar, and the main reason is that the invention of PLC trapezoidal diagram is generally along the relay control circuit element symbol, only some individual differences.

    The main differences between PLC and relay control are as follows.

    1. Different components
    Relay control circuits are composed of many true hardware relays. A PLC is made up of many "soft relays" that are actually triggers in memory that can be set to "0" or "1".

    2. The number of contacts is different
    The contact points of hard relay are limited, generally only 4 to 8 pairs. A "soft relay", on the other hand, can be programmed with an infinite number of touch points because the trigger state can be used any number of times.

    3. Different control methods
    Relay control is implemented through hard wiring between components, so its control functions are fixed in the line, not flexible. And PLC control is through software programming to solve. As long as the program changes, the function can be changed and the control is very flexible. And because PLC works through the cycle of scanning, there is no relay control circuit interlocking and interlock circuit, and control design greatly simplified.

    4. Different ways of working
    In the control circuit of relay, when the power is switched on, each relay in the circuit is in a restricted state, which is either closed or broken. In the ladder diagram of PLC, each "soft relay" is in the process of periodic cycle scanning connection. Objectively, each "soft relay" is restricted by conditions and the connection time is short. That is to say, the operating mode of the relay in the control is parallel, while the operating mode of the PLC is serial.

    Taking the 16-in 16-out programmable timer relay (simple PLC) as example, these videos will show you some basic setting or instructions including on-delay setting, timer and counter.

    1. Programmable Timer Relay (Simple PLC) Overview

    2. Programmable Timer Relay for On-Delay Setting

    3. Simple PLC (Programmable Timer Relay) Timer Function

    4. Counter Instructions in Simple PLC (Programmable Timer Relay)

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    Awesome timer relay
    Awesome timer relay, I just completely missed the you need the programmer to set it up part. Once you have that, it's not too bad. I will order more.
    From: Beahn | Date: 23/11/2022
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