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The Analysis of Line Reactor Noise Tue, Jan 22 by

One of the other manufacturing reasons for the high noise of the reactor lies in the insufficient clamp force of the iron core. The low iron core fastening force will increase the operation noise of the reactor. As the experience indicates, when the pressure i...

Reactor is used to maintain the current and stabilize the voltage of the electrical system. The reactor adopted in the power grid is substantially a hollow coil without the permeability magnetic material. It can be arranged in vertical, horizontal and stagger ...

As to the ripple wave of the switching power supply, it certainly exists both theoretically and practically. Generally speaking, here are some approaches restraining or reducing it.
Reducing EMI - diode back connection inductance
The metal shell can be adopted a...

Pressure Transducer Troubleshooting Tue, Jan 22 by

Generally, DCS system treats the current higher than 20.2mA or less than 3.8mA as a fault, and the pressure transducer also has fault current settings. For example, it can set the fault current of pressure transducer to 3.6mA or 22.8mA, or setting as needed an...