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System composition of fiber laser marking machine:
1) Laser power supply
2) Fiber laser machine
3) Galvanometer scanning system
4) Modulation of laser output
5) Computer controlling system

Fiber laser marking machine features Tue, Sep 19 by

ATO fiber laser marking machine characteristics:

  1. Wide processing scope
  2. Safe and environmental
  3. High processing precision
  4. High structural efficiency
  5. Long operation life
  6. The laser marking machine has a relatively high fabrication cost

Environmental protection is not only the social requirement, but also the user demand. With the technological development and the improvement of the laser technology, more and more users comprehend the superior environmental performance of the fiber laser mark...

VFD for incense stick machine Thu, Sep 14 by

Frequency conversion technology is utilized to realize soft start and soft stop. The characteristics of speed up and speed down are utilized to increase the start and stop time of the motor. Take the motor of 1.5KW as an example, the motor employs the slowdown...