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ATO industrial automation

ATO is a trusted U.S. registered company in industrial automation & controls, ATO's goal is helping saving your money by bypassing all kinds of local dealers/agents in buying industrial automation products from Chinese manufacturers directly. You will be enjoyed to get free tech support on how to choose, how to wire, how to commissioning with ATO professional engineers. Shopping for your automation systems on ATO one-stop online store now.

ATO Blog
How Does a Float Switch Work? Sat, Sep 30 by

The float switch is a simple structure, easy to use level control device, it does not need to provide power, there is no complex circuit, it is than the general mechanical switch volume is small, long working life, and other advantages. Float switches are wide...

What is a Digital Dial Indicator? Fri, Sep 29 by

In the world of precision measurement and quality control, various tools and instruments play a crucial role. One such tool that has gained prominence in recent years is the digital dial indicator. If you've ever wondered, "What is a digital dial indicator?" o...

What is a Micrometer? Fri, Sep 29 by

Micrometer is also known as spiral micrometer, centimetre card, it is an instrument that can accurately measure the length and radius of an object, its accuracy is accurate to 0.01mm, more accurate than vernier calipers, it consists of a fixed sleeve and a rot...

How Do you Use Turbidity Meter? Thu, Sep 28 by

Turbidity meter is an instrument used to measure the concentration of suspended particles or the degree of suspended matter in a liquid. It is widely used in water quality monitoring, drinking water testing, pharmaceuticals, food production and other fields. I...