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Automation Technologies Online is your one-stop online shop to buy industrial automation equipment/electronics/components from Chinese manufacturers directly. ATO's goal is helping saving your money by bypassing all kinds of local dealers/agents in buying industrial automation products for your systems. You will be enjoyed on how easy to make purchase on ATO online store, and with fast delivery & professional services.

ATO Blog
Safe Use of Clamp Meter Sun, Dec 20 by

Clamp meter is the abbreviation of clamp ammeter. It is a portable measuring instrument that can directly measure the AC current of the circuit without disconnecting the circuit. It is called a clamp ammeter because of its shape with a movable opening in the s...

In the machinery industry, almost every machine tool equipment needs to use a control transformer. It is often used as a local lighting power supply, signal lamp or indicator power supply, and as a control circuit power supply in electrical equipment. However,...

Tips of Operating Paperless Recorder Tue, Nov 24 by

At present, with the acceleration of the process of industrial control automation, especially for industry, paperless recorder becomes a necessary tool. According to the change value recorded by the paperless recorder, it can reflect the temperature and humidi...

How Does Paperless Recorder Work? Sun, Nov 22 by

The paperless recorder is a device that records the collected calculation data in the internal storage system of the instrument based on time. The stored data recorded in the instrument is displayed on the LCD screen after calculation and simulation. There are...