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Automation Technologies Online is your one-stop online shop to buy industrial automation equipment/electronics/components from Chinese manufacturers directly. ATO's goal is helping saving your money by bypassing all kinds of local dealers/agents in buying industrial automation products for your systems. You will be enjoyed on how easy to make purchase on ATO online store, and with fast delivery & professional services.

ATO Blog
Working Principle of the Wind Turbine Fri, Jan 24 by

A wind turbine is a device that uses wind energy to drive blades to rotate, thereby generating electricity. Wind generator is generally composed of wind turbines, generators, tails, towers, speed-limiting safety mechanisms and energy storage devices. The princ...

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Price List Fri, Jan 24 by

The ultrasonic thickness gauge is a kind of portable measuring instrument that adopts ultrasonic measuring principle. The ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe passes through the measured object to reach the material interface and the pulse is reflected back t...

Vortex Flow Meter Installation Thu, Jan 23 by

Vortex flow meter is a kind of flow meter that adopts the principle of Karman Vortex Street. It is used to measure the flow of liquids, gases and vapors, and it can also be used to measure turbid liquids containing small particles and impurities. It is widely ...

How Does an Ultrasonic Cleaner Work? Wed, Jan 22 by

The ultrasonic cleaner makes use of the cavitation of ultrasonic waves to impact and eliminate the pollutants on the surface of the object, so as to wash quickly. It has the characteristics of high cleanliness and fast cleaning speed. Especially for blind hole...