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    15 kVA Isolation Transformer, step up/step down 415V with 208V

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    3 phase high quality isolation transformer with 15 kVA power rating, better dielectric strength and insulation resistance. Step up or step down transformer to change the voltage between 415V and 208V, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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    15kVA isolation transformer is dry type air self cooling one, Which is available in the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz and step up 3 phase voltage 208V to 415V, also step down 415V to 208V vertion for selection, long life span and high efficiency.

    15 kVA Isolation Transformer Specifications

    Basics Model ATO-SG15KVA
    Phase 3 phase
    Capacity 15 kVA
    Weight of Aluminium Wire Transformer Open type: 100kg
    Protected type: 130kg
    Weight of Copper Wire Transformer Open type: 105kg
    Protected type: 135kg
    Technical Parameters Primary Voltage 415V (Optional: 120V/ 190V/ 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V)
    Secondary Voltage 208V (Optional: 120V/ 190V/ 208V/ 220V/ 230V/ 240V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V)
    Voltage Convert Three phase to three phase
    Frequency 50Hz / 60 Hz
    Winding Material Aluminium/Copper wire (Optional)
    Work Efficiency ≥95%
    Insulation Resistance ≥50 MΩ
    Electrical Strength 3000V AC/1 min
    Noise <35-65dB (1 meter)
    Insulation Grade H level
    Wiring Mode Dyn11
    Cooling Mode Dry type air cooling
    Overload Capacity Allow more than 1.2 times rated load to work for up to 4 hours
    Enclosure Protection Grade IP24 or IP54 (Optional)
    Certificate CE, ISO
    Warranty 12 months
    Working Environment Temperature -15℃~+40℃
    Humidity ≤90%RH, without condensation
    Altitude <1000m, non corrosive gas and conductive dust

    Transformer can only convert voltage and CANNOT convert frequency.
    Transformer CANNOT convert single phase voltage to 3 phase voltage.
    Input/output voltage, power rating and whether with shell of all transformers, can be customized according to clients' requirements.

    3 Phase Isolation Transformer Schematic Diagram

    ATO isolation transformers schematic diagram

    3 Phase Isolation Transformer Details

    3-phase isolation transformer details

    15 kVA Isolation Transformer Installation Dimension

    3 phase isolation transformer dimension

    Aluminium Wire Transformer Size Copper Wire Transformer Size
    Open type: a*b*c=380*280*380mm Open type: a*b*c=380*260*380mm
    Mouting size: d*e=260*180mm Mouting size: d*e=260*160mm
    Protected type: A*B*C=380*530*560mm Protected type: A*B*C=380*530*560mm

    Tips: ATO three phase isolation transformer working principle

    Three phase isolation Transformer mainly applies electromagnetic induction principle to work, the working principle details are as follows: When the primary side of the isolation transformer is applied with the alternating voltage U1 and the current flowing through the primary winding is I1, then the current will generate alternating magnetic flux in the iron core to generate electromagnetic connections between the primary winding and the secondary winding.

    According to the electromagnetic induction principle, electromotive force will be induced when the alternating magnetic flux goes through these two windings. The magnitude of electromotive force is proportional to the winding turns and the maximum main flux, the voltage of more winding turns is high and the voltage of less winding turns is low. When the secondary side of the transformer opens circuit, that is to say when the transformer is no-load, the primary and secondary end voltage is proportional to the number of the primary and secondary winding turns, that is U1/U2 = N1/N2, but the primary and secondary frequency stays the same to realize the change of voltage.

    How to Test Step Up & Step Down Isolation Transformer?

    Need more detail of ATO isolation transformer? Here is a good explanation about it in this video. To test the accuracy of the transformer voltage, we take a 3000 VA single phase 220V iuput to 110V output isolation transformer as an example.

    Existing reviews of 15 kVA Isolation Transformer, step up/step down 415V with 208V
    Need more Certificate of your 15kVA isolation transformer
    Can you provide Certificate of Origin issued by Chamber of Commerce in exporter/ Maker’s country and Certificate of Quality issued by Manufacturer for your 15kVA isolation transformer?
    From: Hilton Stead | Date: 05/05/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide, and free of charge. We will send you the certificate by email.
    Can your isolation transformers be customized?
    Can you provide this 15kVA isolation transformer with 3-phase input and 2 outputs ( 1-phase AC and DC)?
    From: Grede | Date: 16/07/2019
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can. But this is customized specs, just spceify requested specs before ordering?
    Please proceed shipping as soon as possible
    Thank you very much for your technical assistence. Please proceed shipping.  I do appreciate the customer service and patience. Now, if somebody from ghana asks me where I got I can mention your company and the specification i have.
    From: Stephen | Date: 10/07/2019
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    Excellent step-up or step-down 15 kVA isolation transformer
    Excellent step-up or step-down isolation transformer. Completely soundless and odorless. It functions so unobtrusively you don't even know it is operating. We use it in the US to run 220V European appliances on US 120V current. Very compact, sits in the corner of the kitchen counter. If it ever burns out we’ll buy another one. A Five-Star Plus product, glad I selected it!
    From: Dodge DeBoulet | Date: 27/11/2018
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    Purchased this 15 kva and another 20 kva capacity transformers with copper wire winding
    I purchased this 15 kva and another 20 kva capacity transformers with copper wire winding  last month. The transformers have been in continuous operation since I received them, and so far they appear to be working well.
    From: Roger | Date: 28/07/2018
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