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    Curved Jaw Coupling, 105 x 140mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-105140
    This curved jaw coupling comes with a 105mm outer diameter and 140mm length, it's engineered for high-torque applications. With a substantial 720 Nm torque rating and an allowable speed of 5800 RPM, this rigid coupling is perfect for demanding applications.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 120 x 160mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-120160
    Curved Jaw Coupling featuring an outer diameter of 120mm and a length of 160mm, rated torque of 1040 Nm and a maximum allowable speed of 5200 RPM. ATO curved jaw coupling is highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of shaft sizes and types.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 20 x 30mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-2030
    Curved jaw coupling for CNC machine tools, Φd20mm, length 30mm, bore 4mm to 10mm, plum-blossom coupling with simple structure and strong bearing capacity, suitable for medium and high-speed occasions.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 25 x 34mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-2534
    Professional curved jaw coupling for sale, diameter x length (25mm x 34mm), with stable performance, rigid plum jaw coupling is widely used to connect CNC machine tools, stepper motors, water pumps, fans, etc.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 30 x 35mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-3035
    Curved jaw coupling for CNC machine, bore 8mm to 19mm, diameter 30mm, length 35mm, shaft sleeve made of stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, clamp coupling has large axial, radial, and angular compensation capabilities and is suitable for large torque transmission.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 35 x 50mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-3550
    Curved jaw coupling size 35mm x 50mm, bore 8mm to 19mm, large bearing capacity, long service life, compensation for the relative offset of the two axes, shock absorption, wear resistance, and buffering performance.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 40 x 55mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-4055
    Affordable price curved jaw coupling for sale, diameter 40mm, length 55mm, bore size 8mm to 24mm, has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation, which can reduce the wear of shaft components.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 40 x 66mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-4066
    Curved stainless steel jaw coupling ΦD 40mm x L 66mm, strong colloid wear resistance, plum coupling can be disassembled and used individually, it is an ideal choice for connecting servo motors, encoders and machine tools.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 55 x 78mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-5578
    Curved jaw coupling bore size 12 mm to 32mm, diameter 55mm x length 78mm, well balanced and suitable for high speed applications, it is often used to connect servo motors, stepper motors and ball screws.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 65 x 90mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-6590
    Curved jaw coupling bushings made of 304 stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, 65mm diameter, 90mm length, bore 14mm to 40mm, large carrying capacity, long service life, safe and reliable.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 80 x 114mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-80114
    High performance curved jaw coupling with an outer diameter of 105mm and a length of 140mm. Its robust design ensures reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial setups. Choose our 80x 114mm curved jaw coupling for its high-torque capabilities, efficient design, versatile performance, and durable construction.

    Curved Jaw Coupling, 95 x 126mm

    SKU: ATO-SC-GFCG-95126
    Achieve precision power transmission with our curved jaw coupling, featuring an outer diameter of 95mm and a length of 126mm. With a rated torque of 440 Nm, this rigid coupling delivers dependable performance, even in high-speed applications of up to 7200 RPM.

    The jaw coupling is called a plum coupling, which is composed of two metal claw discs and an elastic body. Jaw couplings are machined by turning, milling, and broaching, and then heat treated as a whole, suitable for the transmission shaft system connecting two coaxial lines, and has the performance of compensating for the relative offset of the two shafts, shock absorption, wear resistance and buffering. Shop now for the right jaw coupling style and size for your application.