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    Handheld Metal Detector, 4-4.5 cm Distance of Sensitivity

    High quality and reasonable price handheld metal detector for sale online. Detection surface of metal detector for 360° detection of all directions. Water resistant of metal detector to water depths of 5-8 meters. Hand held metal detector for wooding working and treasure hunting.

    Waterproof Metal Detector, 5-6 cm Distance of Sensitivity

    Waterproof metal detector with affordable price for sale online. LCD screen in the metal detector, when metal is detected the closet to the detection target, the stronger the signal. Underwater metal detector with IP68 waterproof rating, unique sealing design moisture-proof. Handheld waterproof metal detector often used in cave treasure hunt and water detection.

    Pinpointer Metal Detector, 5-8 cm Distance of Sensitivity

    Pinpointer metal detector with LED light flash indicator for sale. metal detector can adopt 9V battery, easy to use longer battery life. Depth of water resistance of handheld waterproof metal detector is 30m. Small metal detector widely used in pier, airport and meeting place.

    Underwater Metal Detector, 8-9 cm Distance of Sensitivity

    Under water metal detector with durable integrated design for sale. metal detector can adopt 9V battery, easy to use longer battery life. Fast response and easy detection, underground metal detector built-in copper induction coil. Deep metal detector can be detected parcels, fabrics and metal items.

    A hand held metal detector is a type of metal detector named for the way it is used. Through the electromagnetic induction of metal objects and alarm, alarm mode mainly includes sound, light and vibration.

    ATO shop offered different types of metal detectors, such as handheld metal detector, pinpointer metal detector, underwater metal detector ans waterproof metal metal detector. IP68 waterproofing grade and -20 ℃ to 60 ℃ working temperature of this handheld underwater metal detector. Metal detector has many applications, common fields are airports, sea water, pier and soil ground.