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    Pinpointer Metal Detector, 5-8 cm Distance of Sensitivity

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    Pinpointer metal detector with LED light flash indicator for sale. metal detector can adopt 9V battery, easy to use longer battery life. Depth of water resistance of handheld waterproof metal detector is 30m. Small metal detector widely used in pier, airport and meeting place.
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    Pinpointer metal detector has three alarm modes, power on / off, switch detection alarm mode. 30 meters full body waterproof unique sealing design, moisture-proof.


    • LED flash indicator. The white LED will remain iilluminated while the metal detector is on, work as the power-on indicator.
    • 360° side-scan detection area. Pin probe 360-side-scan detection allows the detector to alarm when detector is passed in close proximity to a metallic.
    • Simple operation. It does not need to be adjusted and is easy to operate.


    Model HS-11
    Working Environment -20 ℃-60 ℃
    Detection Method vibration / sound alarm / vibration+sound alarm
    Power Supply 9V battery (not included)
    Sensitivity Distance 5-8 cm
    Waterproof Rating IP68
    Accessories detector, instruction manual, holster, missed rope
    Dimension (L*W*H) 25.5*3.4*4 cm
    Bearing of Detection 360°
    Detection Accuracy 2 mm tiny needle
    Battery Indicator yes
    Signal Display Screen yes
    Color black+purple, red+black
    Depth of Water Resistance 30m
    Weight 1 kg


    Pinpointer metal detector structure


    Hand held metal detector application

    Tips What Should be Pay Attention to When Using Metal Detector?

    The metal detector's power consumption is very low, and when the battery energy drops to 10%, we have to replace it with a new battery. When the battery drops to 10%, we have to replace it. When using, we hold the handle with our hand, press the start button with our thumb, and then release it, the signal light of the metal detector will start to flash, and the horn will emit a very slight beep at the same time, indicating that the instrument has entered the working state. If there is a metal object, the detector will make a sound. After checking the work, you should press the stop button to avoid wasting the battery power.

    Existing reviews of Pinpointer Metal Detector, 5-8 cm Distance of Sensitivity
    Enjoy detecting
    I really enjoy having this pinpointer metal detector at my disposal when metal detecting. It helps to pin point the area you need to dig, allowing me to concentrate pretty much spot on.
    From: Teekay | Date: 01/12/2022
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    This is a great metal detector for beginners
    This metal detector is very easy to use and only requires one battery to be installed. It's pretty accurate, picking up metal 3 to 4 inches underground from my short-term testing. For this price, it's a great beginner device that's great for beginners.
    From: Lemmy | Date: 21/11/2022
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