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    Underwater Metal Detector, 8-9 cm Distance of Sensitivity

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    Under water metal detector with durable integrated design for sale. metal detector can adopt 9V battery, easy to use longer battery life. Fast response and easy detection, underground metal detector built-in copper induction coil. Deep metal detector can be detected parcels, fabrics and metal items.
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    Underwater metal detector with new thick engineering plastics. Built-in sound, vibration, sound and vibration alarm mode can be switched according to the place of use.


    • High sensitivity. The detection range is wider, the accuracy is good and the reliability is high.
    • Fast response and easy detection. Underwater metal detector is a newly designed sensitive positioning rod, which can detect small pieces of metal item.
    • Screen monitor. Visual detection signal battery power, when metal is detected.


    Model HS-07
    Working Environment -20 ℃-60 ℃
    Detection Method vibration / sound alarm / vibration+sound alarm
    Power Supply 9V battery (not included)
    Sensitivity Distance 8-9 cm
    Waterproof Rating IP68
    Accessories detector, instruction manual, holster, missed rope
    Dimension (L*W*H) 44.5*12.5*5 cm
    Color yellow, green
    Weight 1 kg


    Underwater metal detector structure


    Under water metal detector application

    Tips:What Will a Metal Detector Detect?

    Metal detector will pick up all types of metal including gold, silver and other jewelry raw gold nuggets, coins and relics. All metal detectors can identify and distinguish between types of metals and you can set your detector to ignore specific metals. Some detectors and coils are specially made to do a better job at raw gold prospecting.

    Existing reviews of Underwater Metal Detector, 8-9 cm Distance of Sensitivity
    Look for treasure in the sea
    On holiday scavenger hunts, I used this underwater metal detector to look for treasures in the sea. This metal detector is very useful and has helped me find a lot of treasures.
    From: Alston | Date: 02/04/2023
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    Useful underwater metal detector
    I bought this metal detector to search for my wedding ring in the lake, and I FOUND MY RING!!!! Great product! Works as advertised.
    From: Boggess | Date: 11/01/2023
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    Perfect starter piece for metal detecting
    This metal detector works great! Took my son to the beach and it was extremely accurate looking for metal under the sand. I was surprised by how sensitive the detector was. It picked up the smallest items. Love the ease of use and detection for metal objects below soil and water surfaces. Great for beach combing!
    From: Shaina | Date: 22/11/2022
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    I am very grateful for this metal detector that allows me to find lost items
    The metal detector can locate metal very precisely. I dropped my ring at home and after searching for a long time I couldn't find it, I used the metal detector to find my ring very quickly and I was very happy.
    From: Alger | Date: 21/11/2022
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