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    Double Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 100A

    Double throw double throw knife switch is an electrical switching device used to break or connect current in a circuit. 2-pole changeover switch comes with a resin base, manual operation mode, and optional current 32A/63A/100A/225A.

    3 Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 32A/63A/225A

    Factory price 3 pole knife switch for sale online. It provides a resin base, and optional current 32A/63A/100A/160A/225A. Reliable manual double throw knife switch can effectively isolate the power supply when disconnecting the circuit.

    3 Pole Single Throw Knife Switch, 400A

    The provided 3 pole 400A single throw knife switch is used to control the connection and disconnection of circuits, suitable for high-voltage, high-power power systems or industrial equipment to realize segmental control, maintenance and protection of current.

    4 Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 63A/100A/160A

    4 pole double throw switch comes with 32A/63A/100A/160A/225A current, resin base and manual operation mode. High quality changeover knife switch is usually used in high voltage or extra high voltage power systems to cut or connect power lines.

    High-quality double throw knife switch features a sturdy resin base for durability and longevity, designed for reliable performance and easy installation. This manual changeover knife switch is available in double pole, 3 pole and 4 pole options, and choose from a range of current ratings, including 32A, 63A, 100A, 160A, and 225A to meet your specific needs. Whether for industrial or residential applications, ATO cheap knife switch provides secure and efficient power control.