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    Double Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 100A

    Double pole double throw knife switch is an electrical switching device used to break or connect current in a circuit. 2-pole changeover switch comes with a resin base, manual operation mode, and optional current 32A/63A/100A/225A.
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    Low price double throw knife switch for sale online. It provides a resin base, manual operation mode, and current 32A/63A/100A/225A. Reliable DPDT knife switch has good isolation performance, can effectively isolate the power supply when disconnecting the circuit.


    Model ATO-HK11
    Pole 2 Pole
    Mode Manual
    Current 32A 63A 100A 225A
    Voltage AC 230V AC 220V AC 380V AC 220V
    Material The knife holder/blade/bottom are all made of copper.
    Note Screws, terminals, and rivets are made of iron.

    Dimensions (Unit: cm)

    Double pole double throw knife switch dimensions

    Tips: What is a knife switch?

    A knife switch is a type of electrical switch used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. It consists of a metal lever, often shaped like a knife, that can be manually moved between two positions to either complete or interrupt the electrical connection.

    The knife switch typically has a hinge or pivot point at one end, allowing the lever to swing up or down. At the other end of the lever, there are two contacts or terminals. When the lever is in the closed position, the two terminals are in contact with each other, creating a continuous path for the electric current to flow through the switch and the connected circuit. When the lever is moved to the open position, the terminals are separated, breaking the circuit and interrupting the flow of electricity. 

    Knife switches were commonly used in early electrical systems, especially in industrial and laboratory settings. They were often mounted on panels or boards and had large, visible handles for easy operation. However, with the advent of more advanced and safer switch designs, knife switches have been largely replaced by other types of switches, such as toggle switches, rocker switches, and push-button switches, which offer greater convenience and reliability.

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