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    3 Pole Double Throw Knife Switch, 32A/63A/225A

    Factory price 3 pole knife switch for sale online. It provides a resin base, and optional current 32A/63A/100A/160A/225A. Reliable manual double throw knife switch can effectively isolate the power supply when disconnecting the circuit.
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    3 pole double throw switch can cut off or connect the circuit through manual operation to realize the functions of power system division, equipment maintenance, emergency shutdown, debugging and backup. 32A/63A/100A/160A/225A knife switch for selection.


    Model ATO-HK11
    Pole 3 Pole
    Mode Manual
    Current 32A 63A 100A 160A 225A
    Voltage AC 400V AC 380V AC 380V  AC 380V AC 380V
    Material The knife holder/blade/bottom are all made of copper.
    Note Screws, terminals, and rivets are made of iron.

    Dimensions (Unit: cm)

    3 pole double throw knife switch dimensions

    Tips: 2 Pole vs. 3 Pole vs. 4 Pole Knife Switch

    The terms "2 pole," "3 pole," and "4 pole" refer to the number of independent circuits or conductors that a knife switch can control.

    • 2 pole knife switch: A 2 pole knife switch has two separate circuits or conductors that can be controlled independently. It allows for the switching of electrical flow between two different paths. This configuration is commonly used in applications where there is a need to alternate between two power sources or loads.
    • 3 pole knife switch: A 3 pole knife switch has three independent circuits or conductors. It provides an additional circuit compared to a 2 pole switch and offers more versatility in controlling multiple paths. This configuration is often used in complex electrical systems or applications that require the switching of three different power sources or loads.
    • 4 pole knife switch: A 4 pole knife switch has four separate circuits or conductors. It provides even more flexibility and control options compared to 2 pole and 3 pole switches. This configuration is typically used in advanced electrical systems, industrial settings, or applications that involve the switching of four different power sources or loads. 

    The number of poles in a knife switch determines the number of independent circuits it can handle. The choice of the specific configuration depends on the requirements of the electrical system or application at hand.

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