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    3 Pole Single Throw Knife Switch, 400A

    The provided 3 pole 400A single throw knife switch is used to control the connection and disconnection of circuits, suitable for high-voltage, high-power power systems or industrial equipment to realize segmental control, maintenance and protection of current.
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    Reliable and durable 3 pole 400A single throw switch is suitable for applications such as high voltage switchgear, substations, industrial equipment and power distribution systems in power systems.


    Model ATO-HD11F-400A/38
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Insulation Voltage 1000V
    Rated Current 400A
    Number Of Poles Tripolar
    Metal Material Copper
    Base Material Insulation Board (Black)
    Handle Material Flame Retardant PA66
    Installation Method Fixed Vertical Installation

    Dimensions (Unit: cm)

    Single throw knife switch dimension

    Tips: What is a single-throw knife switch?

    A single-throw knife switch is a simple electrical switch used to control the flow of electric current in a circuit. It consists of a metal blade or lever that pivots on a hinge, allowing it to make or break contact with an electrical conductor. The switch has two positions: open and closed.

    In the open position, the metal blade disconnects from the electrical circuit, interrupting the flow of current. This configuration is commonly used for safety or maintenance purposes, allowing users to easily disconnect a device or circuit.

    When the switch is in the closed position, the metal blade establishes contact with the electrical conductor, completing the circuit and allowing current to flow. This closed position is the active state for normal operation.

    Single-throw refers to the fact that the switch has only one set of contacts, meaning it can either be open or closed. This simplicity makes single-throw knife switches suitable for basic electrical applications where a straightforward on/off control is sufficient. They are often used in educational settings, simple electrical experiments, or in situations where a manual and direct control of current is required.

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