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    Nuclear Radiation Detector

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    Personal Nuclear Radiation Detector, Personal Dosimeter

    SKU: ATO-PRD-FS300
    Economical price and high sensitivity personal nuclear radiation meter for sale online. Energy range of personal dosimeter between 30 keV and 1.5 MeV. Nuclear radiation detector has built-in multi language operation interface. The personal nuclear radiation detector can freely set the dose rate alarm threshold and the amount of data.

    Handheld Nuclear Radiation Detector

    Nuclear radiation meter supports dual-language interface, real-time monitoring of X, r and hard β ray. Handheld nuclear radiation detector is able to display the dosage equivalent rate and accumulative dosage in the work area. Electromagnetic nuclear radiation detector widely used in nuclear power plant, accelerator, iron industry.

    Portable Geiger Counter, Electromagnetic Nuclear Radiation Detector

    SKU: ATO-GC-JD3001
    Reasonable price geiger muller counter for sale online. Radiation geiger counter is an intelligent electromagnetic radiation detector that can measure nuclear radiation. The accuracy of measurement can be controlled within 15 percent. Operating temperature of portable geiger counter between 0 ℃ and 50 ℃. A geiger counter often used in individual particle detection.

    Nuclear Radiation detector, this instrument can not only alarm, but also clearly show the radiation dose value of the current site. The main component of nuclear radiation detector is geiger counter tube, which determines that nuclear radiation detector can not only detect nuclear radiation, but also detect X、 γ、β ray and so on.

    ATO Provides three types of nuclear radiation detector. They are portable gerger counter, personal nuclear radiation detector and handheld nuclear radiation detector.

    Radiation detector widely used in police, fire departments, environmental organizations, metal recycling companies, ports, airports, ceramics factories, research institutes, laboratories, etc.