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    Hall Effect Current Sensor 20A/100A/200A/500A/800A/1000A to 2000A

    Hall effect current sensors are AC/DC universal current sensors, through-hole design, 1.0%FS accuracy, ±4V/±5V output signal, ±15V power supply, 5us fast response time, fixed installation. Open loop current sensors are widely used for AC/DC current measurement of VFD/DC motor drive/servo control system.
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    Hall effect current sensor has measuring range of AC/DC 20A/40A/50A/100A/200A/300A/400A/500A/600A/800A/1000A/1200A/1500A to 2000A.


    Shipping weight 1kg
    Hole diameter * 20mm 32.5mm 40mm 60mm
    Measuring range of input current * AC/DC 0-20A ~ 0-500A AC/DC 0-100A ~ 0-800A AC/DC 0-200A ~ 0-2000A AC/DC 0-200A ~ 0-2000A
    Output signal * ±5VDC or ±4VDC
    Zero offset voltage ±20mV
    Offset voltage drift ≤±1.0mV/℃
    Linearity ≤0.2%FS
    Power supply ±15VDC
    Accuracy 1.0%F.S.
    Bandwidth 0~20kHz
    Response time ≤5us
    Withstand voltage AC 2500V (between input, output and power supply)
    Work temperature -25~+70℃
    Storage temperature -40~+85℃
    Humidity ≤95%RH (no dew formation, no corrosive gas)
    Elevation ≤3500m
    Measuring method Through-hole type
    Installation Screw fixation

    20A to 2000A AC/DC current sensor dimensional diagram:
    Hall effect current sensor 20A/100A/500A/1000A to 2000A dimension

    Model Dimension (mm)
    W H D Φ (Hole diameter)
    M (Mounting) N (Mounting)
    ATO-AHKC-E 53 72 16 21 47 -
    ATO-AHKC-LT 90 73.5 25 32.5 74.5 71
    ATO-AHKC-EA 100 108 30 40 78 -
    ATO-AHKC-EB 120 112 30 60 98 -

    20A to 2000A AC/DC current sensor wiring diagram:
    Hall effect current sensor 20A/100A/500A/1000A to 2000A wiring diagram
    Tips: Selection of current sensors in communication base station
    The current sensor can realize the real-time management of the mobile communication base station through the centralized monitoring of the communication power supply. The management personnel can manage the working state of each communication base station in the remote centralized control center, and the technician can also carry on the system maintenance to the base in the first time. In the specific design of a new base, or the need to retrofit the existing base, it should pay attention to the following points when selecting current sensor:

    1. First of all, it need to check if the site equipment has been installed, the current sensor has split-core and closed-core type. Split-core current sensor has high accuracy 0.5%FS, while closed-core current sensor has accuracy 1.0%FS. It needs to choose the split-core type in the case of wire cannot be disconnected. It also needs to consider wheather the wire can be disconnected when replacing the current sensors.
    2. In addition, when selecting current sensors, it needs to pay attention to the environment temperature and moisture conditions and it needs to clarify the state of the environment to ATO sales.
    3. Finally, it is important to note that when choosing to the DC current sensor for monitoring in the battery group, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the reverse current needs to be monitored because there is a charge and discharge problem with the battery.
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