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    Mechanical Screw Jack 3 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-3.2T
    Mechanical screw jack 3.2 ton for sale online. It is an adjustable screw jack for lifting heavy objects with minimum height 200mm and lifting height 110mm, commonly used in various applications where heavy objects need to be lifted such as manufacturing, construction, and material handling.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 5 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-5T
    Low cost screw jack comes with 5 ton capacity, 250mm minimum height and 130mm lifting height. Reliable mechanical screw jack is suitable for applications including industrial machinery, construction equipment and material handling systems.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 10 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-10T
    Get a low price adjustable screw jack from With 280mm minimum height and 150mm lifting height, 10 ton mechanical screw jack is the reliable and efficient choice for lifting heavy loads.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 20 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-20T
    Cheap 20 ton screw jack is designed for efficiently and safely lift the load. It is a mechanical screw jack wtih 325mm minimum height and 180mm lifting height, sufficient capacity, light and flexible, and large jacking force, widely used in manufacturing, construction, material handling and other industries.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 25 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-25T
    Wholesale price screw type jack for sale online. 25 ton mechanical screw jack can lift loads efficiently and safely, 275mm minimum height and 130mm lifting height, ideal for building support, bridge construction, railway construction, and material handling.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 50 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-50T
    Hot selling mechanical jack is a device used for lifting and lowering heavy objects. Screw type jack, 50 ton capacity, 452mm minimum height and 250mm lifting height, used for raising and lowering heavy equipment, adjusting work platforms and supporting large structures.

    Mechanical Screw Jack 100 ton

    SKU: ATO-SJ-100T
    High quality mechanical screw jack 100 ton is available with 452mm minimum height and 200mm lifting height. Simple to operate and maintain, heavy-duty screw jack is a cost-effective solution for lifting and positioning applications.

    Low price mechanical screw jack for sale on It is a device used to lift or lower heavy objects vertically or horizontally. 3 ton, 5ton, 20 ton, 25ton,50 ton, and 100 ton screw jacks can lift heavy machinery, support structures, and provide adjustable height for desks or workstations during construction or maintenance, with a minimum height of up to 452mm, commonly used in applications including architectural and industrial environments. Manual screw jack, simple to use and low maintenance, is a popular choice for lifting and supporting heavy loads.