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    3 Axis/4 Axis CNC Router with 200x300x50mm Working Area

    SKU: ATO-ROUTER-3020
    Mini CNC router engraving machine with 200x300x50mm working area, 110V/ 220V AC operating voltage, equiped 2-phase Nema 23 stepper motor and 200W DC spindle motor, through parallel or USB connection with computer, make the engraving more precise. 3 axis type and 4 axis (rotation axis) type are available here.

    3 Axis/4 Axis CNC Router with 300x400x60mm Working Area

    SKU: ATO-ROUTER-3040
    This CNC router tool is a miniature version of engraving machine for those with limited space or a limited budget, can connect with computer as other external device such as printer. With 300 (X ) mm x 400 (Y) mm x 60 (Z) mm working area, 55mm carving deepth, 300W spindle motor providing 500-8000rpm/min. You could select 3 axis or 4 axis (rotation axis) router as your need.

    3 Axis/4 Axis CNC Router with 600x400x65mm Working Area

    SKU: ATO-ROUTER-6040
    3 axis or 4 axis CNC router engraving machine combine with a control box to use, supports CNCUSB control software, its working area could be 600x400x65mm. Core components assembled, making it much easier to install. The new 0.8KW water-cooled VFD spindle is available operating for long time, which can reinforced the processing ability of the machine and can be used to process aluminum alloy and hard wood.

    ATO CNC router machines with different working area, can be widely used in the engraving of soft materials such as plastic, wood, acrylic, PVC, PCB, etc. Our CNC routers replace the traditional parallel interface with USB, which can be directly connected to the desktop computer. Machine equipped with 3 rotating axis composed of trapezoidal screws, able to realize plane engraving. And machine equipped with 4 rotating axis composed of ball screws, able to realize 3D stereo engraving. They all come with a controller with built-in well-made transformer, which provides stable power for the control unit for long time continuous use, featuring one-to-one interface design and emergency stop button for high safety.